Being myself 

While I love being myself, man it’s difficult dealing with the consequences lol. Missing out on great opportunities or great women because you “just had to be you”.

Like you couldn’t let that slide bruh? You just had to overanalyze or stick to your rules this time? I know her actions were a red flag but you couldn’t overlook it this time?

Lol, sometimes I can be my own worst enemy. Like that time she asked you “did you miss me” and you said, “not at the moment”. Like that time she asked are you looking for a relationship and you said: “not at the moment”. Then there was that time she asked you to make a few changes and you said: “no, I can’t that’s just me, go find someone else who can do that”.  Lol or that time you know she wants to hit you up but she is being prideful and instead of overlooking it and contacting her you did nothing. All because well, “you don’t like playing games with people” lol.  Then there was that time when… lol you get the drift.

Failure to adapt, sticking to my guns and being myself could be the reason I have so many issues but at least I am being true to myself right? Isn’t that what’s most important? Being honest and consistent? You know, being myself really is beginning to feel like it will turn into being by myself lol.

That is the beauty of being me, however. I can be wrong, know that I am wrong, have everyone tell me that I am wrong and still do what I was going to do because I am so stubborn and defiant at times. I have to do it my way and maybe, just maybe this time it will be different. Then will have the audacity to say I understand my decision and I accept the consequences of my actions and be ok with that. Lol, damn I am stupid.

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