Losing a friend

You ever have a friend of the opposite sex that you’re really close with? You chat regularly, share relationship struggles, talk about everything else under the sun etc. Then one day one of you have the idea that you should actually date.

Part of you thinks it is a good idea because you know each other well, you have some level of comfort, compatibility and hopefully, you are attracted to each other.

At the same time, you are fearful. The friendship is great, flows smoothly and maybe, just maybe a relationship or attempt at a relationship will complicate things. Being a friend is totally different than dating and being in a relationship with someone. There is a totally different set of rules and parameters once that line is crossed.

Plus you’re you. You have been known to screw up when it comes to dating and relationships. So now you are going to attempt to have one with one of your friends. Knowing your circle is already small as hell and good friends are hard to come by?

Lol, and you know what will happen once the line is crossed and if it doesn’t work out. You lose everything, a significant other and a good friend. So is the risk of losing a friend really worth it?

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