Sugar babies…

I see this meme or some variation of it quite often.

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So let’s take a look at this. For starters, the relationship is what we call a Sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship. Let’s take a look at what a sugar baby is. Fortunately for us, there is a definition:

Sugar baby – A person in a romantic relationship who receives cash, gifts or other benefits in exchange for being in the relationship.

So back to the people who usually post this meme. My first question is, do you think you are that fine that you could get a man to agree to this? Like I know men are dumb, but this isn’t a free meal, maybe a phone bill paid or an outfit, this is much deeper lol.

There is also the whole men are broke thing which is true. Maybe not broke but when I look at my demographic, black men in that 21 – 35 age range compared to black women in the same range usually women have better jobs, make more money, and are more stable and established. Lol and on top of that they get free club entry or discounted prices and there is the expectation that men should buy drinks etc.  My bad, I got sidetracked. My point is that you will have a hard time finding men who can even afford this? Hell, it’s a struggle finding men who can afford to take y’all on dates consistently lol.

So let’s say you are going to be a sugar baby. You are probably going to have to target men 35 and up… way up lol. That may not be too bad, I see a lot of older dudes in better shape than the younger ones so there is that. You may also have to choose outside of your race… lol so ladies embrace the swirl, yes the same swirl that you get on your male counterparts about. You are going to probably step out of your comfort zone to find these men also. They aren’t going to be at your normal brunch and happy hour spots. Fortunately, there are sites like Yes, there is a site for sugar daddies and sugar babies lol. How do I know this you may ask? Well, I guess it is story time.

So, I was once talking to a young lady. Ok, we were damn near a couple and she was traveling with me on one of my jobs when I used to travel for work. One night I got into the bed and rolled over on her phone. As I pulled the phone out the phone lit up. Outside of the Imessages from random men, and Google Hangout messages I also saw emails from seeking arrangements. Hmmm. Here is one thing about me, I rarely react in the heat of the moment. I like to research and gather information before having a discussion with someone. Especially when it is with a woman and I caught her doing something foul. At the very least I want to have all my facts and be void of any emotion. I also knew that this could be potentially a great story one day (see how screwed up I am?) So after snooping through the phone (it’s over anyway so I might as well gather intel) I saw the “I love you’s” to other men, the sexts, the planned meet ups and do you know she even sent one of those dudes an edible arrangement? Heffa ain’t never buy me shit minus some damn Chipotle smh but could send this dude some damn fruit (See I was Rob Kardashian before Rob just on a slightly smaller scale lol). Where was I? Oh yeah, the seeking arrangements site. So I created an account and wow. It really was a site full of men looking for women to be sugar babies. Once my account was created I put in her height, ethnicity and a few other things and searched. Bam! There her ass was on the site. Had her pics up and everything, even what she was looking for which was “a mutually beneficial relationship” lol. As if that wasn’t enough information she also made the mistake of using my Chromebook and not logging out of her email. So I found emails and correspondence between men from the site. Bingo, I have all of the proof that I needed. So a day later I addressed it and she gave me her lies about the guys. The usual stuff, you know blaming me and whatnot. You weren’t giving me attention, you were so busy working…blah, blah, blah. So after hearing this BS I then addressed the website. Did you know she actually had the audacity to lie and say it was her cousin who created the profile. So, of course, I had the perfect response… so what about these emails? She was speechless lol.

So that is how I know about the site lol. I can imagine there are other sites as well.

So let’s get back to these women who want to be sugar babies without giving up the sugar lol. I totally get it. Why work hard when you can get something easy, and to maybe be able to get it without giving up the pussy? You, ma’am, would be winning. So here are a few questions. Do you think you have the look to be a sugar baby? You getting surgery or in the gym consistently enough to have the body type that the majority of these men prefer? I can imagine that a lot of these setups don’t end like the movie “Pretty Woman” (I really hate that movie btw). So there is a chance that you won’t always be treated like royalty lol. May get that same treatment the President gives his wife. Are you ready to give up your independence? Not be jealous, not speak your mind, not have an attitude even if warranted, consistently cater to him, and always be up to par as far as your appearance? If you are willing to do all of that I say you deserve the money lol. That sounds like too much work.

I hear the rewards are pretty dope if you can deal. Get to travel and be exposed to different cultures. I have read that some men helping women set up businesses by giving them money and I hear some finance college or eventually cuff these women. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about bills being paid or having money. Have to love financial stability.

So to those of you hoping for this go for it, I wish you the best. Even though something tells me that more often than not you will have to give up the sugar in order to get whatever it is you desire. Fortunately for you, if that is the route you want to go there are many more options such as stripping, backpage, Instagram, the VA hospital, the mall in the middle of the weekday, casinos or wherever old black men go on payday lol. You can also ask people to send you money to your cash app, tell a gullible man a sob story or ask guys for favors. Either way, you can make it happen. I’m rooting for you. I would be a hater if I didn’t.


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