In a perfect world, I would be spending my evenings being a parent, with my woman, doing fun shit and being happy.

However, this currently isn’t an option because my son lives in a different state and my moody, flaky ass has no woman. Sooo I find ways to cope or fill that void.

Working out, burying myself into my projects at work, blogging, social media, napping. All of those outlets help me cope, keep my sanity, distract me, give me attainable goals and focus on some level.

As crazy as it sounds I am extremely appreciative of little things like that. Who knows what I would be getting into or doing instead? It is also why I have become so understanding of others and their various coping mechanisms. The posts on social media that are meant to get attention, thirst traps, posting screenshots, trolling, being petty, buying Jordan’s and other expensive clothing, clubbing, going to happy hour, traveling, famous people’s drama, VH1, etc…. all coping mechanisms.

Most are not my preferred method but I understand completely. Hell, it could be worse. People could have a drug addiction or could be fuckin everyone in site or something like that. So cope on, self-medicate my brother’s and sisters and hopefully, that void can be filled or you can find whatever it is that you really want one day.

Hell, I can’t judge, we are all in the same struggle lol.

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