Only when you’re lonely…

Man, those nights, those lonely boring nights when I’m laying down in my bed with my remote and glasses. You know how it is when you are bored as hell. Maybe not even bored. You could just have the urge or want the company of someone of the opposite sex. Dinner, conversation, chillin watching tv or if you’re in the mood maybe even sex.

I swear when I have nights like these doing the right thing is so difficult. We all generally have someone that we used to talk to or maybe someone we really aren’t feeling who consistently hits us up that we know right now if we send the “hey stranger” or “wyd” text they will be ready to either meet up somewhere or come over.

There have been so many times the message is sitting in my drafts unsent because even though I want to I know I shouldn’t do it. I understand that these people are adults and can make decisions on their own but I always feel as if I am taking advantage or using someone if I am hitting them up out of boredom or if I know that they want more than what I am willing to offer them. I.E. the cut buddy who wanted an actual relationship or whatever your situation may be.

So when I have nights like this I watch tv, hit up my boys, write, try to sleep, workout, get on social media or XVideos lol. Do whatever I have to do in order to prevent myself from sending out that message.

So karma I hope you are listening, feel free to reward me for doing what I am supposed to do lol.

Besides, as bad as it may be lonely at times it is still better than using and taking advantage of a good person who’s only flaw was wanting to get to know or be around your ass lol.

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