Dating advice to a 9 year old

I’m a traditional guy and traditional dating and gender roles are so deeply rooted in me that I couldn’t change if I wanted to. I admit that I can be a little blunt at times and rough around the edges but I got that honest. Lol, I wish people could have met my father and they would understand.

I am traditional but I am not naive so generally, in those early stages, I find myself being a little on the skeptical side. I haven’t given you a reason to commit to me so I understand that there may be other people who you entertain. That’s cool with me but it also allows me to not be so pressed and be very logical. Instead of acting off of emotion or being overly competitive. Think about it, some men can find out a woman is talking to another guy and may not really want her, he just does all of this extra to beat the other dude. Which makes ZERO sense to me. Then you end up with the woman and you don’t really like her nor do you want to keep doing the same thing that you did to get her. Idiot.

Being that I am a parent I often find myself wondering what I will tell my son in regards to dating and dealing with women. My father taught me a few things and the rest I figured out either on my own or through television. S/O to the TV dads I saw growing up.

Whatever it is that I tell my son it can’t be the same as what I learned growing up. Things have to be tweaked. We had the traditional gender roles and dating protocol growing up. Those days are gone. My Dad was married to my Mom, he paid every bill, did all of the outside work, etc. In return, my mom cooked, cleaned and had a job (but that money was hers to spend). The house had balance and things worked.

Those days are gone bruh. First of all my Dad lived in the country and things were much cheaper. He could afford to do that. The cost of pay hasn’t really increased since then but I will be damned if the cost of living hasn’t.

Also, fellas, that gap is closing. The pay discrepancy between black men and black women doing the same job isn’t that large. Hallelujah. I mean we are still behind white women, white men, and our Asian brothers but that is to be expected. Let’s also look at the fact that more women are getting degrees and getting better-paying jobs than men. So if our bills are the same per month and you make $4,000 more a month who exactly should be paying for dates or better yet if we live together who is paying what bills? Do we split any?

Women are different and evolving. My Dad could ask my Mom to cook and do certain things traditionally done by women. You can’t do that now, well you can but you may get your feelings hurt.

I am not sure what a woman’s role or a man’s role will be in the future so how am I going to be able to tell my son how to deal with women? Hell, he can ask his mom and she will probably say I suck lol. I also don’t want him out here being broke and getting played and taken advantage of because he is too old fashioned. You know how it is, people pick and choose what traditions they want to follow smh. So somehow I have to look into all of these different variables and try to give him the best advice in regards to dating. I do know that you should always be honest, you should never lay your hands on a woman, never be verbally abusive, don’t be a simp, never cheat, treat her with respect and never send unsolicited dick pics. Outside of that, I do not know what to tell him.

I guess I will just sit him down one day and say good luck boy, you’re on your own lol.

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