Updated* – Tips for the single man on Social Media

I made a mistake a few days ago. A woman posted in a group asking what the definition of a hoe was as it pertained to women. While I don’t really call people hoes, except for my boys I responded that it is someone who exchanges sex for money. See, that is where I messed up, I commented. Should have just scrolled right on by. Then some guy and a few women said that there is no such thing as a

See, that is where I messed up, I commented. Should have just scrolled right on by. I am an idiot, I know.Then some guy and a few women said that there is no such thing as a

Then some guy and a few women said that there is no such thing as a hoe. It was something created to demean women and shame them. See, I should have stopped and let them have it because I get the argument. I was more so speaking literally. Sadly I didn’t stop and kept going. I asked so what do you call a woman who knowingly cheats with a man in a relationship or vice versa? They said two consenting adults and why can’t the man be a hoe. It was at this moment that I knew I was in too deep…but I couldn’t stop responding. So I reminded them that the question only pertained to women hence my response. Then  I saw a slim opportunity. The guy somewhat agreed with me by saying that hoe did come from the word whore and mentioned an exchange of goods for sex. So I asked him what would constitute as an exchange of goods? Money, gifts, dates? What? Why did I do that? From out of left field, someone said the man paying for sex was the hoe and before I could even address that comment someone threw out the word “rape culture”.

At this point, I got annoyed. As they kept going I put down my phone for a second and thought to myself, “this is what your dumb ass gets” lol. As they continued with the commentary and attempts at enlightening me I thought to myself, how can I end this conversation because it is pointless. Then to make matters worse these people made assumptions about me and attempted to “teach” me a few things. Finally, I explained that I don’t judge women off of their sexuality, Hell, be sexually liberated, it benefits us all. I also explained that I could care less what they or other men do, I tend to mind my own business. Believe it or not, that logic has served me well over the years. I also just said eff it,

After saying my piece I also just said eff it, y’all got it. No such thing as a hoe, cool.

I was so upset. Not upset with them, (I enjoy a decent debate from time to time) but upset with myself for even engaging in any type of conversation like that on social media.

I know better. As a matter of fact on 10/09/2015 on my old blog, I actually wrote a post giving tips to men and how to interact on social media. I even made a damn list. So I decided to repost, edit and add a few more tips.

  1. Whatever Amber Rose does do not comment on it. Doesn’t matter what it is, shut the hell up lol.
  2. Do not engage in any conversations about homosexuality.
  3. Please, no rape jokes. Seriously, not cool.
  4. Do not talk about people’s kids.
  5. Do not comment on anyone’s body type or hair… unless it is a Kardashian or Jenner, people will allow that for whatever reason, even though they are women too lol.
  6. Do not comment on interracial dating.
  7. Do not joke about women.
  8. If a woman goes in on you do not talk back or argue back, you will be called out for having hoeish behavior, even if you are just defending yourself lol.
  9. Do not state your preference when it comes to the opposite sex.
  10. Stop leaving thirsty comments under pics, hell don’t fall for the thirst traps at all. How many times can you say “You’re beautiful, blah, blah, blah” and get no response before you get the point? If she doesn’t respond or even follow you back it’s a good chance she isn’t interested. Not to mention if she has never liked a pic, fake-flirted with you or shown any interest? I once saw a woman post a picture with her son laying in her lap and the dude responded “lucky kid” lol. Now I know that people say persistence is key but why waste that time on an unsure thing when you could be out seeking other options?
  11. Stop sending unsolicited dick pics. I understand that you may think your dick is big and every woman wants it and the actual sight of it will make her have an orgasm and beg you to have sex with her but um, that’s not how it works. Sorry to bust your bubble. For starters, it makes you seem to desperate or makes it seem as if you do that to every female or it makes it come off as you thinking she is too “easy” so don’t do it. Wait for her to give you the heads up. Oh yeah, also make sure you don’t include your face and no zooming in on it, cropping or using other pics. That’s false advertising 😂
  12. Stop making her your #WCW only for her to either ignore it or just say “aww”.
  13. Do not get or at least do not show jealousy and clock everything she posts… she isn’t your woman, you are single, let it go.
  14. Do not go all Rob Kardashian and leak her nudes… even if she has posted them before lol.
  15. If y’all only texted, exchanged pics, video chatted etc. it doesn’t mean y’all actually talked and the nudes do not count as a “body”.
  16. Never expose whatever happened between you and another woman on the TL because other women are watching. You may block your next blessing lol.
  17. Everything can be screenshot and exposed later so be cautious
  18. Make sure the person you are chatting with is single. No one wants some random guy running up on them over his girl or wife
  19. Do not ask for a picture. You follow her on social media. Just look at whatever she posts up there. They know what we mean when we say send a pic (we want nudes) so don’t ask lol. They will send one eventually. Trust me…and when they do, then drop the meat pic on em. Lmao.
  20. If she has booking info, a private snapchat, connectpal, camsoda, posts about calling for student loan forgiveness, sells detox tea, asks you to like her last 10 pics, leave an emoji under it, etc… you probably can’t afford to entertain her and should not waste her time or your’s.
  21. Do not fly them out. Fly yourself out or drive. Have your own lodging. Trust me, that way, if she is a catfish or something crazy, happens you can leave. I have heard way too many crazy stories. Just don’t do it! Save yourself the humiliation and potential drama. Ok, I’ll stop now lol.

So there you have it. Oh yeah, honorable mention: make sure you are talking to a real woman and the person is who she said she is. Ask Paul George about that lol

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