Just meet me there 

I saw this post on Twitter yesterday and I really didn’t think anything of it.

Except who sends a dick pic after only 2 messages. I wait until the third message because I am a gentleman (#IssaJoke) and how exactly does this correlate to women taking pics of license plates? I’m sleepy, I don’t really have the energy to investigate, maybe tomorrow.

I woke up this morning and saw this post.


Lol. Why did he say that? A group of women and a few men went in on this dude. Coming to conclusions based off of his response that he was obviously a creep or rapist, had bad intentions, was R. Kelly Jr., obviously something to hide and was a predator.

I do not know if he was any of those things and I don’t know if he had anything to hide. What I do know is that women are raped, assaulted, killed and forced into sex work all of the time. I understand that the fear is real and that women should take precautions and protect themselves. So she had the right to do what she felt would make her feel safe and comfortable.

Lol but just like she had that right he also had the right to cancel the date.

Hell, I don’t even know his reason but I would feel some sort of way about someone getting my PII (Personally identifiable information). For starters with the internet you can find out anything, not saying that I have anything to hide but it is intrusive and who is to say her intentions were good.  Identity theft happens and I don’t want anybody interfering with the 5 dollars that I have to my name. Also, when you hear stories of men being set up to be robbed and sometimes killed I understand why he would be a little leery. Now, this happens less than the horrible things that happen to women but it happens. So what if one of the few times that it happens I am the victim? That is one time too many.

You know I had to tell a story because well, something similar happened to me a few years ago. I met a young lady on Tinder and we decided to go out to dinner. She didn’t have transportation so she asked me to pick her up. I said cool, even though normally I wouldn’t (she doesn’t need to know where I live). I picked her up and we went to the restaurant. After we got out of the car she walked to the back and took a picture of the license plate and said she was going to send it to her friend just in case. Now imagine my shock. I have heard of women letting friends know where they were going, sending their friends my social media info or a picture but this was a little different. Luckily (I guess) for her I was nicer than the guy who left his date and she was smarter than the young lady because she waited until we got to the restaurant to do this. So we went ahead with the date but it definitely set the tone and I already knew nothing would come of it. I went through the motions and when she asked what we were doing after I lied. I told her that I had an early day and needed to get some rest. She then asked if we could do something again and I said: “we’ll have to see how my schedule looks”.

Now does this make a predator? No. Just a liar because I never contacted her again lol and I knew that I wasn’t and probably should have just relayed that message to her.

In regards to the scenario mentioned earlier? Both sides were right. Seriously, she was right for doing whatever she felt she needed to feel safe and he was right for canceling the date. Nobody owed anyone anything and it was no major loss for either side. I know it’s cool to go back and forth and argue on different sides but this wasn’t really that deep. As a matter of fact, this could be prevented.

Just meet at whatever location the date will be!

This way he doesn’t know where you live and you don’t know where he lives. You will have enough time to notify your friends where you will be out with the person and if you aren’t trying to give or get any you won’t have to worry about that awkward “are you coming in” conversation that happens at the end of dates.

So yeah, kudos to him for canceling the date and kudos to her for being concerned about her safety.

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