Mike Vick…


I watched this twice before I actually wrote about it.

So Mr. Vick, why exactly is Kaep not playing? You say it is because of his performance on the field multiple times and not because he kneeled during the anthem but then you changed up and said that he needs to cut his hair to look presentable and it is about perception.

So what is the reason?

You do realize that cutting his hair won’t change anything right? The damage is already done and owners don’t want him on the team. He already promised not to kneel anymore and that didn’t help matters. Kaepernick realizes it and probably so does most of black America. There really isn’t anything else that he can do. So why beg and try to conform even more?

What I also found laughable is the fact that Mike Vick was brought into the discussion as if his situation was comparable to what Kaepernick was going through. As if Kaepernick would actually come to him for advice. It isn’t and he wouldn’t. Kaepernick did not commit a crime like Vick did. It is not the same.

It’s funny, I watch Vick continue to try and make himself presentable and safe for white America over and over, sometimes even compromising himself only to still be hated by them. Still wanting to be loved and accepted by people who value the lives of a dog over black men.

Some things aren’t worth the check, Kaep get’s that and apparently, Vick doesn’t.

Oh yeah, and can we look at Kaepernick’s stats last year on a terrible 49er team. a 59% completion percentage, 16 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, 2,241 yards and a rating of 90.7. One can argue if his team actually had a decent defense and he had a few more weapons on offense there is no telling what his numbers would look like.

So are we really going to blame performance?

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