90’s kind of love…

TGIF… I woke up excited as Hell because it’s another Friday. As I laid in my bed giving myself a pep talk to get up and work out I decided to take a look at the morning newspaper aka social media. I happened to come across one of my cousin’s posts who was born in the 90’s and this is what I saw.


Lol um ok. My first thought was negro you were so young you only saw these shows in syndication and do not have an accurate idea of what 90’s love is about. My second thought was “you do realize that these are fictional movie and TV show characters right”?

I guess some things never change. As kids, we looked up to cartoon characters and athletes and now as adults we still find ourselves looking up to or at least admiring characters that we see on TV and movies.

I was also thinking to myself why do we romanticize the past so much and have such a revisionist history? If we really took a look at things in the past we would realize that the “good old days” weren’t as good as we thought they were and things aren’t as bad as we think they are. The only difference is that we are older and much more aware of things as opposed to when we were younger and didn’t care or weren’t as aware.

I will say this about the 90’s… the economy and job market seemed a lot better and damn I wish I could have gone to Freaknik.

Anywho, I decided to take a deeper look into these couples from the 90’s. As a matter of fact, I think I will also make my own top 10 list. TV shows only though.

10. Living Single – Scooter & Khadijah – They were kind of the first long distance relationship that I remember seeing on TV. They were friends who became more, had some ups and downs and eventually moved and got together if I am not mistaken.

9. A Different World – Ron & Freddie – So Ron used to date Freddie’s best friend Kim. Then behind Kim’s back, Ron and Freddie started messing around and eventually became a couple.

8. The Steve Harvey Show – Cedric & Lovita – They were a match made in heaven. Despite Ced having a roommate and bad credit and Lovita having her crazy family they worked out and eventually married.

7. Living Single – Max & Kyle – This relationship had the potential to be toxic but eventually they let pride and ego and games get out of the way and made it work. Even though that ending was crazy as hell. Like out of all the sperm donors she finds his?

6. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Will & Lisa – Yeah they were a cute and happy couple but Lisa basically left Will at the altar.

5. Family Matters – Urkel & Laura – Oh boy. Let’s see, Laura curved Urkel for years and only wanted him once he changed who he was. Meanwhile, Urkel had a woman who loved him to death and he still went after Laura.

4. Living Single – Overton & Sinclair – Cute couple. Boring, kind of corny and it took Overton forever to shoot his shot but he finally did and things worked out well.

3. The Jamie Foxx Show – Jamie & Fancy – Where do I begin? So we take Jamie who originally only wanted Fancy sexually, was car-less, immature, didn’t have an exact plan as far as his future went, wasn’t stable as far as employment went, had that episode where he couldn’t get “it” up and oh yeah there was that time he kissed that other woman while he was with Fancy. Meanwhile Fancy seemed to only like or date a certain “type” … they had to have a little money (despite her only making hotel receptionist money, but I guess she was good because her parents had money). She also went through a stage where she wasn’t exactly supportive of Jamie’s dreams but eventually, things worked out and they were married.

2. A Different World – Whitley and Dwayne – Whitley Gilbert… spoiled, selfish, superficial, stuck up (y’all like this usage of alliteration huh?) sneaky, shallow lol I can keep going. Almost every bad quality you could think of she had it at some point but thankfully she matured. Meanwhile, Dwayne who showed persistence and maturity, only to throw it away by dating someone else while being engaged to Whitley…only to do what he had to do to get her back. They grew together and eventually made it.

1. Martin – Martin & Gina – I saw someone say this before on twitter and I must admit they were right. Martin is the definition of what some of you people call a “twitter-negro” Lol. His character was probably the most narrow-minded, chauvinistic, stubborn, loud mouthed person on TV. Despite this Gina stuck with him. She supported him when he was jobless, dealt with him even when he left and when he wouldn’t propose she stayed longer than most and even though she did try to change him she realized that he was who he was and loved him anyway.

Soooo there you have it, the top 10 couples of the 90’s, and guess what? There is a great chance that you have already experienced or will experience this so called “great” 90’s love lol. Seriously. Look at these sitcoms. Between the long distance relationships, dating a friends ex, dealing with someone with bad credit, a crazy family who interferes, pride, ego, games, being curved, things not working out because the timing was bad, wanting the person who doesn’t want you instead of the person who does, men taking too long to shoot their shot, immaturity, only dating certain types, employment struggles… I can keep going if you would like lol. My point is that we are going through similar things. The only major difference besides these shows being fake and our lives being real is that these couples had more patience or persistence or the ability to overlook or forgive certain things while obviously, we don’t.

So yeah, take a walk into reality and get your head out your asses and see what is in front of you lol. What you may realize is that your relationship is more Martin than Love and Hip Hop (which is also scripted) Lol. You just have to tweak a few things and be a little more patient and understanding of each other.

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