…a real man does

A woman re-posted this yesterday.

I am going to get on the brother who made the post originally but ladies first lol. I love women. Love them to death but why do they feel as if they can tell men what a “real man” is or does?

I overhear women in conversation or see posts daily telling me what a real man does and how a real man should act and his responsibilities in a relationship and it makes me cringe.

Sometimes it also makes me laugh. Especially when or if you give a woman suggestions about what a real woman does it turns into you being privileged, or misogynistic, or chauvinistic or some other kind of “istic”. Lol or better yet it’s who “asked you for your opinion” or “why do you think we care”, “we don’t do this for you anyway”.

It’s funny because I don’t think I have ever told a woman anything remotely close to that. Mainly because I am not a woman, it’s not my place and well, I know they don’t care. Maybe it would be different if I had a daughter but even then I would defer to her mother.

I say all of this to say stop letting others influence you so much or tell you what you’re supposed to do. You’re an adult and a man, so eff their opinion or “advice “.

It’s rare that the advice is genuine. Even if people think it’s genuine it’s usually based off of that person’s wants, needs, and beliefs which could be different than yours.

Same goes for men doing this to other men. Lol as a real man you should know that you aren’t supposed to care what other people say about you anyway. You should also know that you need to mind your own damn business. If you feel that your way is right, be confident and keep doing things however you want to do them. Stop trying to dictate your ways and shaming people into doing things your way. Bully.

That is probably why there are so many unhappy or stressed people out here. Instead of living and doing things in a manner that makes them happy or comfortable they are living or attempting to live up to a standard that society tells them they should or some other outside force.

This is ok if that is what you believe in but if not then well you are making your life unnecessarily miserable.

This is also why 9/10 when someone blindly asks me for advice I tell them “you’re grown”, “do what makes you happy” or “do what works for you”. Lol, I know it may come off as uncaring or passive but that isn’t the case. I just think that I can never fully put myself in someone else’s shoes nor can I be completely objective because we aren’t the same and I have my own biases. So if I happen to give a suggestion I always remind people that it’s based on who I am lol. Just because it works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you lol.

So yeah, stop letting these people tell you what a real man is or does. Figure it out for yourself, apply it, find a woman who accepts that and go live your life. I promise that you will feel much better if you do.

The irony in this post is that I am a pretty traditional man when it comes to what society tells me men should do and what not. With that being said, I am not going to force my beliefs on anyone else or shame them because they feel or act differently. Now if it is something involving my friends and they may be doing something wrong in my eyes I address them privately a few times and that’s it.

I say only a few times because they are adults and can and will do what they want to do and after the third time usually tune me out.

This was my reaction reading that post and anytime someone tells me what a real man does or should do

Also, times can be hard and bills can be expensive, so if you and your woman want to or need to split bills in order to make it you do that, and be happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks.


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