Don’t believe everything you see or hear…

I saw this post on FB tonight. 

At first I was like “nice” but then I thought to myself. Calvin, you are kind of like a hybrid. Paranoid, with a dash of conspiracy theorist and the rest jackass lol. So I know you aren’t really going to just believe something someone posted on FB. Hell I don’t even believe most of the things on the news. So I decided to do what I always attempt to do. Fact check. Come on google. Let’s see, the boys who played Spanky and Stymie in The Little Rascals Movie are named Travis Redford and Kevin Jamaal Woods. The characters in Power are named Jerry Ferrara and Brandon Victor Dixon.

Soooo don’t believe everything you see on the internet or TV (remember who they said wouldn’t be President lol) and remember, Google is your friend.

Lol and yes I am that random that I will do things like look up random things I see or hear throughout my day SMH. 

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