Attention seeker 

How do you seek attention when you aren’t getting any?

Do you text that man or woman that you don’t really like but they aren’t too annoying so you hit them up occasionally? Maybe send them a selfie?

Maybe contact your friends and vent to them and get a little sympathy?

Post a sad or cryptic status on FB or post on IG?

Maybe post a screenshotted convo?

Upload a selfie on IG?

Just snap “I’m bored”?

Troll someone?

What works best for you? Lol, I’m not here to judge, just curious. What usually works for me is a decent selfie on IG. I get my 10 likes and I’m good. It’s like ok, at least a few women in this world that I will never meet find me remotely attractive or funny. Hey, we’re human. We need attention, preferably from someone we like or love but hey, that isn’t always an option. Nothing wrong with that. Except the whole hitting people up you don’t like thing lol. Stop using folk, get a damn hobby or something, sheesh.

As bad or corny as some of these options sounds can you imagine what people had to do back in the day. Probably had to spend money on people or give up “some” to get attention or at the very least give them time. At least now we much more convenient and quicker methods lol. Hell, probably safer and more cost efficient too.

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