Why you bother me when you know you don’t want me?”…

Cuz I’m bored. Lol


Boredom has to be the leading cause of well, everything in terms of the early stages of dating. Well, everything that isn’t really mutual.

If you both like each other this doesn’t apply but to the rest of the people out here getting strung along? This is for you lol.

Why do you think she randomly hit you up if you haven’t talked in weeks? She was just busy and finally was able to get back to you? Lol. Why do you think that he just all of a sudden misses you after not speaking for a week? It’s because they are bored or maybe want some good old attention lol.

There is nothing wrong with this but smarten up at least. Sheesh.

This is one of the reasons why I attempt to keep myself busy. It not only prevents me from waiting for someone to respond to me or hit me back but it also prevents me from doing the one thing that I hear so many single women complain about… waste someone’s time.

Of course, I wasn’t always this way but thanks to growth and getting several servings “of my own medicine” I figured it out lol. You know how it is though, you don’t have plans, maybe you are sitting around at home. You even mention how bored you are. Looking through old texts or see her post on social media and now all of a sudden you’re thinking to yourself “let me hit old girl up, see what she on”. Lol. Now, thanks to a few hobbies I don’t really do this. I can read, write something, work out, sleep, get on social media, text my boys, eat, watch porn… hell almost anything else but… waste someone’s time.

I bet some of y’all are parents because of boredom lol but let me chill, I’ll save that discussion for another day.



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