How some women flirt… 

Ladies I love y’all.

See this is that moment where I show some love before I talk ish about you lol.

I know that traditionally men are taught to initiate things when it comes to showing interest. However, that has changed over the years and quite a few brave women have attempted to take matters into their own hands. While the effort is greatly appreciated I must admit that at times the execution can be confusing and interesting, to say the least.

Let’s look at some of the methods women use when they “shoot their shot”.

1. Some do this by talking shit or throwing shade. Hey, big head, ugly or they may talk about you. Sometimes that works but other times it’s like well get out of my face then lol. Personally, I have had women maybe make jokes about my routine boring life. Like, hey you gonna do anything this weekend besides workout and stay in the house? Of course, my defensive ass will immediately think “why do you care”, “why are you judging me”, “hell I’m not even bothering you”, “I’m going to tune her out now” lol.

2. Randomly accuse you of having hoes or fans. Lol, so what does that make you?

3. Stare at you but never speak. Sometimes when I am out a woman will stare at me. I mean literally look me in my face and eye fuck me but never say a word. It kind of creeps me out, to be honest, and will make me look away lol.

4. Like a bunch of pics on social media. Lol, thanks?

5. Tell me they need to get in the gym. I’m not in shape yet but I have definitely lost a few pounds since January. I also post a lot about the gym on my social media. So for whatever reason, some women will come and talk to me and they will just begin telling me how they need to lose weight, what they need to work on. Then ask me for suggestions. I’m always going to say eat better, join a gym or maybe get a trainer. They then tell me their struggles and ask me what do I do. After explaining they are like “I don’t know how you do it”. Followed by a request to motivate or help them out. Then… a request to maybe chat or go on a date or something.

Now the way my brain works may be a little different than others. So let me explain. Generally whatever you initiate convo about that is where my mind will go or focus on. So I’m not even thinking about you outside of you wanting to improve your health first and foremost. I’m not looking at you sexually or even as someone to date. At this stage, all I see is a friend or associate. I am also going to assume that maybe there is some confidence or insecurity issue because of your weight. By coming up giving this “disclaimer” it tells me well ok, she doesn’t like this about herself and this could be a problem later. Either she will continue to complain about it or it will become such an issue that even when I attempt to compliment her it won’t matter. Why highlight your issues. I am not saying hide them but sheesh. If I engage with you in somewhat lengthy conversation there is a good chance that I have no issue with how you look lol. Then of course when you ask me to help part of me is like “Well I’m not in the greatest shape and I’m not qualified to train you”. Not that I don’t mind helping but I personally would want a professional. Also when you say things like “I don’t see how you do it” it makes me question your motivation and discipline. Like is this really what you want to do or are you just talking?

Lol oh yeah, and honorable mention. Speaking. So often I get accused of curving people and quite honestly I don’t get it. When I explain I didn’t see any interest from you the response is usually “well I spoke”. Lol. Some people are friendly in nature and speak just to be nice. I am not conceited enough to think that speaking to me means that you want me.

It’s all good though. Welcome to our world and keep on shooting ladies. Hell, even if you miss a few shots it still won’t be as many as men miss lol.

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