Humble yourselves, like your mother…

So to those of you who pay attention to random entertainment news you may have heard the story of R&B singer Usher apparently having and spreading Herpes.

Well, recently a woman came out and wanted to sue Usher, not for giving her Herpes but basically putting her at risk by having sex with her and not letting her know. Lmao, I feel so stupid typing this but here I am lol.

So when the woman posted pics, she was on the obese side and she didn’t look as if she had on makeup, a snap filter or whatever it is women do to make themselves look “better” in the public’s eyes. (I’m ok with the plain look but it has been explained to me that women don’t care what men think and do it for themselves so my opinion is null and void). After the woman made her press conference and pictures were shown many people had negative comments about her weight and appearance. Which is normal for social media.

Then you had those who wanted to cape and they began posting pictures of the same woman dressed up and made up or whatever. It then turned into a commentary on fat shaming and how BBW can be beautiful.

I get it, but is this the person you want to use as an example? What is the message exactly again? BBW’s can be groupies, used and potentially given STD’s too? Like ok, y’all proud of that?

Look around you, “bigger” women don’t seem to be lacking for anything. At least the women that I see. They seem happy, have significant others, and confidence on a million. Hell, I have dated, fornicated, been curved and had bad relationships with them just like every other shape and size of woman lol.

Also, this is the internet, people clown and talk about people. This isn’t anything new so why the “outrage”. I bet if Kim K got fat people would shame her or if it were someone else y’all don’t like but I digress.

Of course, her credibility has been questioned and apparently, she was on record just a week earlier saying that she needed cash but whatever. This isn’t my issue or point.

I saw this post a few days ago:

“I see lots of people posting questions and concerns about Usher being with an overweight woman. Why is it so hard to believe that overweight women have sex? Some of your mamas are fat and stayed smashing.”

So I have to ask… what in the Hell does our Momma have to do with this? Also when my Dad met and subsequently married my Momma she wasn’t fat, for the record lol and even if she were there is nothing wrong with fat women.

Why is it that every single time a man may have something to say about a preference, rather it be race, size or whatever the response is always “be humble like your blah, blah, momma”. Really? That’s where you are going with this.

So obviously this is the adult version of “Yo momma” and I swear if this were 1987 and I was 5 years old I would offer your ass the fade.

I get it though, your feelings may be hurt by someone’s comments and this is the quickest way to get back at them. We are human, understandable.

Still, it annoys the hell out of me lol. Oh yeah, then there is the what if your Mom saw your tweets, comments etc. First of all, that is why I blocked her on Facebook and second of all, what if any of our parents saw some of the crazy perverted things we post on social media? Some may be shocked and disappointed. No shock there.

Here is the assumption that I think a lot of us make. Everyone’s mother was good, lol. Sometimes she wasn’t present and other times she may have been just a bad person. Hell, that may be why some people Don’t want women like their mothers. Not here to attack women or Mom’s but hell, this stuff happens.

Also, when people say humble yourselves like your Mom or expect us to date or talk to women like them on what level? Does this also mean that I need to find women who may be more traditional? More submissive, inclined to follow traditional gender roles? Like where does the line stop? Hell, my Mom cooked every night and I wouldn’t dare ask my imaginary woman to do that but should I? You know since I guess I need to find someone like her?

I swear, sometimes it feels like y’all damn near want us to have an Oedipus complex or something lol. Even though if you really think about it, as I kind of mentioned earlier our parents shape our preferences or “our type”. Some want women like their Mom and will only date women who remind them of her which is kind of a complex. While some want women the exact opposite of their Mom and will refuse to date anyone that reminds them of her.

Now, this doesn’t absolve men from posting negative things or saying one type of women is better than the other, i.e. dark to light, black to white, fat to skinny or whatever. That has to stop as well. You can love or like one without being disrespectful to the other. At the same token ladies, men can have their preferences and comments on their page and it doesn’t mean that they are attacking other types of women.

Lol but I digress, I know if I ever make a comment and someone tells me to humble myself like my Mom, out of respect to Carolyn Williams aka my Momma I will have to say eff you, your Mom and your crusty ass daddy.



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