You deserve to get your time wasted…

Maybe he is a fuckboy…maybe she is superficial. You still have to invite these people into your life in order to be manipulated or taken advantage of.

I am not talking about the chameleons. You know the ones who can fake or pretend to be “your type”. I understand not being able to pick up on that. It happens to all of us.

Instead, I am focusing on those of you who see the signs and ignore the hell out of them.

Maybe you justify it or rationalize it by saying “it’s early” or “I see potential” or “it’s just a wall they have up due to past relationships” or my favorite one “he or she is fine as hell or the sex is good so I will deal”.

He or she never hits you up and takes forever to respond but their phone is always on them. Always has an excuse why they don’t hit you up. Never can give a straight answer or commit to anything. Always gets the most expensive thing when you go out. Never wants to go out. Always flirting on social media. Never been to their house but they stay at yours…

You know how this is going to end, you know that he or she won’t commit or be faithful but you still deal and stick around. Only to get used or played and now you are posting or explaining about how loyal you are. You mean loyal to misery, being a fake victim or being stupid?

I’m, i’m not here to beat you up… ok I’m lying, yes I am. Stop putting yourself in these situations and maybe, just maybe you can prevent this from happening again.

If not…insert blog post title here* lol

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