Body shaming 

Ladies, I’m tired of y’all body shaming each other.

Let me get this out of the way before I continue. Yes, I know that men do it too and we are wrong for that and deserve whatever backlash comes from it.

I’m not talking about the skinny or “in shape” women who, get on women who are considered to be “big”, instead I am talking about the median of the group who is somewhere in between in shape and “big”.

I was looking at my snap and there was a repost of an “IG model” who I guess secretly got surgery. There was a before and after picture posted. The person who posted it then went on a tangent about being natural, how guys want unrealistic things in women and how these “fake” women like this will lie and manipulate, how natural women don’t get no love, blah, blah, blah.

So let me address this. Lol, men and women want unrealistic things in each other, this is probably why so many of us are single. Also, 99% of the women that I see in relationships are “natural” so obviously someone is choosing them. Hell, technically every woman who ever lied to or manipulated me was “natural” so what is your point? Some of these so called “fake” women will at least let you know up front what they are about. How you may ask? Well, they may have websites they want you to subscribe to in order to see “exclusive” content, they are always quoting about money or hell, they may just flat out tell you that if you aren’t about money don’t waste your time. Oh yeah and the last comment or sentence in the previous paragraph that I want to address. So how are we classifying love? IG likes? Heart eye emojis under pics? Dumb ass “I want to fuck” comments on your page? Unsolicited dick pics in your inbox? Is that the “love” you are craving?

So why do you care and why does it matter? Unless the person is lying about surgery and being disrespectful to other’s I have no issue with them getting whatever it is that they want to be done to their body.

This is the equivalent of a man complaining about women choosing “bad boys” or men who may have gained financial status “illegally”.  Hell, it’s the equivalent of us complaining about athletes, actors, and musicians as well.

You sound salty and jealous. When these people get surgeries they run the risk of death, the “work” not being done correctly and some actually pay for it. So if you want the same look maybe you should take the same risks. Speaking of risk, are you not doing it because of the risk or your morals? Lol, or maybe you care about how it looks?

The irony is that most of the men who want these types of women can’t afford them or rarely even get a response from them. It is also hilarious because these are probably the types of men you don’t want anyway. “All the great men are dating these fake built women”…said by no one ever lol. Of course, maybe your idea of good is rich and famous. If so then well, that is a you issue and obviously, you need to get the surgery so you too can have a relationship based off of money, looks and status. Maybe at the very least you can get some clothes, bags, fly outs. Hell, I hear some even get child support checks if they are lucky.

I wonder what it would be like to know that people only like you or want to be around you for your looks. That sounds like it would suck and become hollow real quick. It also means that their only “worth” comes from their exterior. I don’t care how happy they pretend or claim to be. Also, can you imagine what will happen in about 10 years? If that long once the looks go and no matter what surgery is done they can’t look as young as they used to? I am sure there are examples where this didn’t happen but it is so rare it isn’t worth mentioning.

Not here to bash you but come on ladies. Ignore the noise and focus on something else. There are so many men who have no issue with your body so maybe focus on them? No, forget them too. Instead be more comfortable with yourself because not only is it healthy but maybe it can combat that level of insecurity that some of you may have.

What’s funny is that the similarities between women and image issues and men and money issues are almost identical. You notice how upset some men get when some of you post about dudes being broke or questioning their masculinity or worth in general? Let a woman post “y’all broke” or “if you can’t afford to do something or buy your woman certain things you’re not a man” and watch the floodgates open. Hell, we also do it to ourselves. More often than not whenever men see a woman they find attractive or a man getting the attention that maybe we don’t get it is because “they got money” or “he trickin’ off on her”. “If I were rich and famous she would be on me too”. Lol.

Different toilets, same shit.

Call me crazy but a video from a rapper praising natural bodies or some random guy posting he appreciates natural bodies shouldn’t really have that strong of an impact? Is this wrong of me to think this way? I get it, sometimes it is nice to get a compliment or two but shouldn’t that confidence and self-love already be there?

You know in a perfect world everyone would like you no matter what and you could find someone who appreciates you, compliments you and doesn’t shame you. This isn’t a perfect world though and the thing you may be complaining that society does to you, you are doing it your sisters. I say this because at the end of the day, whether the body is real or fake they are your sisters. They are getting judged enough, trust me lol, (I have been guilty) no need to add to it.

So yeah, take that energy that you spend judging and try to love yourself instead. Life would be much happier, I promise.


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