How do you show love?

Learn how people love you…or like you or show interest. Contrary to popular belief there isn’t always a universal or exact sign or action that proves someone loves you, is serious about you or just wasting your time. Outside of them just telling you at least.

I have heard men and women give an interesting array of reasons as to why they felt someone was serious or really into them.

“I met his family and boys”…maybe he does that with every woman.

“She let me meet her kid(s)…that may be the norm for her lol.

“She posted pics of me on social media”…maybe she does that with every dude she talks to.

“He hasn’t tried to have sex with me”…maybe he just wants to be your friend or he is taking his time.

“We had a weekend getaway”…maybe that’s the norm for him or he has money so it wasn’t that serious.

“She cooked me dinner”…she could just like cooking lol.

“They ask if you are hungry or made it home safely”…they could just be considerate or caring by nature and like this to everyone.

“They call instead of text”… they could be old school.

“We text all day”…could just be bored or you’re the only option they have at the moment.

“He/She always messages me before they go to bed”…are you sure?

“We had sex, he ate me, he didn’t wear a condom”…lmao maybe he does that with every woman.

“She sucked the hell out of my…” lol you get my point.

Not saying that these don’t mean anything but never assume, get clarity. Learn how people express themselves or show interest. If not you could end up misinterpreting something and looking quite stupid lol.

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