Who do you post for?

Who do you post for or who are your posts on social media for?

Too vague of a question? Ok, let’s say you posted a selfie. Who do you want to see it? Is it for your friends? Maybe an ex you’re trying to make jealous or regret losing you? A certain man or woman whose attention you are trying to gain? For yourself? Your imaginary haters?

Just curious. I see so many “I’m a good person” posts from people I follow. Sometimes I just scroll and laugh but sometimes I find myself thinking, “who are you trying to convince?”

I also wonder to myself “does this actually work?” I can imagine it has to, right?

At least it does for men. I have read so many women post that how a man posts on social media is important to them and a method to “weed out” certain men. Great idea… unless the guy specifically posts what he thinks most women will like. Then, well there is a good chance you could be tricked.

I also imagine that this doesn’t work as well for some women. Let yall post how you want a date or something and every man but the one you want will hit you up. Better yet post something with a sexual connotation to it. Mess around and have an inbox full of dick pics and requests to have sex 🤣

It’s somewhat funny though. I get the thirst traps and selfies. “I’m feeling myself or looking good today…like and acknowledge that shit”. However, when I see these posts about being a good man or woman I think to myself how true is this B.S.? If you are this way would you have to broadcast it?

Like bruh, you really faithful, a good man, know how to plan dates, a feminist (ladies stop falling for this shit) never cheated, always gives your “queen” attention, doesn’t play games, will pay for her Sephora and get her hair and nails done weekly and the greatest pussy eater ever who will just “eat and leave” and never want anything in return. Lol and let me guess ma’am. You are so loyal, a good woman, won’t play games, will cook for your man, be his peace, suck his meat as soon as he walks in the house after a hard day at work, not nag him and oh yeah pray for him too. Got to have that balance right?

Lol, man, I don’t understand how y’all perfect asses are single. Lol let me guess, everyone y’all ever dated did you ladies and gentlemen wrong. My bad. Where was I?

Oh yeah, these posts…

Do you really expect someone to read something on social media/the internet and believe that it is the tru.. , never mind. Keep on posting.

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