Stop shooting…

Between traveling, attempting to be more productive at my job, training and being sick I haven’t been able or made time to post as often as I usually do. Fortunately… or unfortunately (depending on who you ask) I have a little time today. I hate to be that guy but fellas, you are getting on my nerves.

I don’t care if she posts a thirst trap, a post saying she need sex or needs a good man. Do not, I repeat, do not comment on the pic. Just like it… maybe and keep it moving. I don’t want to see any “hey beautiful’s” or any “I can help you with that”. Not even any “😍”, or “check your DM’s” or “you won’t give me a chance tho’s” or everyone’s favorite “but I’m a good guy”. None of that shit. Stop it, I beg of you.

Not only are you making us single dudes look bad but even worse you are making yourself look desperate and stupid lol. I understand the saying “shoot your shot” and I know that shooters gone shoot but you can still score by taking a high percentage shot. Lay-ups are ok too. You can generally tell who is interested in you. If she likes most of your pics, messages you on snapchat, loves your pic or statuses frequently on FB, actually follows you back… you may have a shot (or she could be fake flirting due to boredom lol).

Hell, and even then if you shoot be discreet. Shoot your shot in private and if it fails oh well, on to the next but this public, desperate shit men are doing? It has got to stop. Tired of y’all shit. Lol

I feel like I wrote this before but for whatever reason, it is in my heart this morning lol. So please, do better, before you end up being screenshotted on someone’s page. You probably already getting clowned in her groupchat.

Also, spare me with that “chivalry is dead because women started calling it thirst” saying. There are a lot of reasons chivalry is dead but this isn’t one of them. Besides, it’s only called thirst when she doesn’t like you lol. Be selective with who you give it to, make sure the other party is actually interested and you won’t have this issue.

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