We don’t get enough credit…

“Naturally built women don’t get enough credit compared to these fake built women on social media”. If by credit you mean being fetishized, being spoken of as objects, getting “I want to fuck” comments in your page, thousands of likes and unsolicited dick pics in your inbox (ok I know some of y’all already get that).

My point is that credit and love that you “think” these women are getting ain’t real or genuine. It’s just lust and strictly based off of the physical. That is it. Now, maybe for some of you, attention and money are signs of love?

If so, save up for that surgery I guess. I know someone who actually got surgery to make her butt larger and now she complains that all the men who talk to her ain’t ish and are only into her butt. Lol, what did you expect?

I understand the frustration, and maybe because you are not as physically “gifted” as these other women you feel as if you have fewer options but hell, sometimes less is more.

I can imagine that it can be tough considering what society calls beautiful and what is always being thrown in your face, even subliminally. I hope that eventually, you get the credit that you feel you deserve. Actually let’s scratch out the credit and say the love you deserve, preferably first you have it for yourself despite what society may tell you. Then hopefully you receive it from your significant other. Whether that be a man or woman.



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