How unsolicited advice ruined a first date…

We are all smart or at least have a level of knowledge in one way or another. If you are a mechanic you are knowledgeable when it comes to automobiles. If you are a lawyer you are knowledgeable in the law. the problem that I generally experience is when people get out of their level of expertise and attempt to be “smart” on subjects or topics that they know nothing about.

If you know me then you know one thing that I hate, probably even more than I hate the Lifetime channel and reality TV is unsolicited advice. I hate it with a passion. Pretty sure I wrote about it a time or two. There isn’t anything more frustrating than someone attempting to give you advice about something that you already know how or what to do.

The number one culprit of giving unsolicited advice? Women. At least in my personal experience. I can be talking about anything and they will chime in lol. Maybe it is the maternal instinct or something? I am not sure but anywho. Here is a story about what happens when unsolicited advice meets being “smart” and the results lol.

So one of my close friends was on a date. He met a woman on Tinder and they seemed to click. After several conversations, a dinner date was set up. My friend talked to the young lady who was an attorney about his day and he mentioned that he was doing work on a building he purchased (yes my friends are doing great things… IDK why they keep me around lol). During the discussion, he mentioned about some work on the foundation and despite the building being built in 1906, the foundation was good. This was signed off and approved by an actual professional who has worked in this field for 30 years. The date was going well according to my boy but for some strange reason, the woman kept talking about the building. “Well are you sure the foundation is good”, “how long has he been in the career field”, “you should probably get a second or third opinion”, etc. etc. etc. He said he damn near felt like it was an interrogation. After some time my boy lost it and snapped at her. He told her that she should stop talking about something that she did not know anything about and why did it matter to her? Why did she keep bringing it up? Of course, she got upset and informed him that no one had ever talked to this way. He responded you’re welcome and it’s probably because they just wanted to smash so they let you get away with it until they closed the deal lol.  So after that exchange, the date ended abruptly and she left with her feelings hurt.

After listening to the story I clapped for my boy. I was proud of him. Being someone who deals with this a lot I was glad that he actually spoke up and said his peace. If it were me I would have probably just gone through with the date and then never contacted her again.

Maybe she was being concerned and attempting to show interest in what he had going on but it felt like she took it too far. Sometimes “just wanting to help” or “I was just giving a suggestion” feels like you are insulting my intelligence or questioning my ability to utilize common sense. Lol and don’t let it be something work related or in regards to my parenting. That really pisses me off. Besides, no one asked you for your opinion.

Sooooo was my boy wrong for responding this way? If you ask me of course not but I am biased lol.



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