My struggle…

So, I think I got asked “why are you single” for at least the 200th time this year. I gave my usual generic answer compatibility, timing, and some other crap. Seriously, I have answered the question so often that I give the same answer without even thinking about it anymore.

So instead of addressing why I am single instead, I decided to focus on what I am looking for. I know all of the generic stuff in women that I and most men want. Honesty, loyalty, attractiveness (mentally and physically), a level of independence, confidence, blah, blah, blah lol.

So let’s say I meet a woman with all of this, how do I get to the next step?

I think I figured out my issue. I feel a breakthrough coming lol. So, I am pretty good at dating and generally get along with everyone. It’s pretty easy. We can eat or talk about whatever it is we are doing on the date or even better talk about other people lol. Same goes for sex, that usually isn’t too difficult. It’s just that part in between where the struggle lies.

People annoy me. Far more than they should. This is why I so often prefer my own company. It seems that when I am around people they are either too talkative, loud, random or just flat out obnoxious and it get’s on my nerves. So this has been my issue with a lot of women I have dated and why things haven’t continued between us. That period of time when we aren’t on a date or having sex. When we are just hanging out at home together, maybe watching TV or having a casual conversation and just being around each other. I haven’t found anyone that I can do that with and they don’t bother the hell out of me for an extended period of time.

You know my biggest fear during inclement weather? It isn’t death, injury or losing my home. It’s being stuck with someone’s annoying daughter for multiple days. That shit is the worst, trust me.

This may be why dating can be so tough. Like, if you are stuck in the just going out on dates cycle it can become expensive. Then, once you cross the sex line it seems like that is all the other person wants to do. So while all of this is happening you aren’t necessarily getting to know each other, at least not the way you should.

I know what you may be thinking, well why didn’t you take your time as far as sex goes. Hear me out, in my personal experience women will take my attempts at moving slowly when it comes to sex as not being interested. I have had multiple women tell me after the fact that they thought I wasn’t interested in them “that way” and most moved on or got serious with one of the other guys they were talking to. No shade because I didn’t ask them to be exclusive but that is usually what happens.

So it’s like I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t lol.

It’s funny because I spoke to my Mom this weekend and she agreed that I am just like my father. He could be moody and easily annoyed at times. I asked her, so how did you fall through the cracks because, with all due respect, she could annoy Helen Keller lol. She was like, well he wasn’t always like that. He became that way as he got older. My issue is that I act like the older version of him, already, at the age of 35 lol. My Mom was like well yeah, you got it, bad son.

So basically in a nice motherly way my mother informed me that I am fucked lol.

So there you have it, folks. This is my struggle lol. I am not saying that this task is impossible and well, a few women have made it through but then something else happens and I am back at square one lol. Go figure.

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