Signs she is checking out…

Women check out and usually men miss the signs. It’s not because they are really discrete at it. Mainly it is because we don’t pay attention or we don’t know the women we are dealing with well enough. The crazy thing is man or woman we all have some kind of a pattern.

I can usually tell based off of how a woman communicates with me. If I no longer get those messages in the AM, or she no longer wants to FT or talk on the phone as often my antennas go up. Hell, I will do you one better. When I am fully into someone I will, man I hate admitting this but I will peek at your social media. Let me see you online posting before speaking to me when you never used to do that, then well we have problems.

I hate to admit this but if she doesn’t get “mad” or “jealous” about certain things anymore then well, check out time. I once talked to a woman who would literally ask me about every woman that commented on my pics or left eyes or other emojis. Then one day she no longer said shit about it anymore lol. Did she suddenly become sane or…???

She no longer talks about your hypothetical future. Woman dead ass went from planning baecations a year in advance to acting like or not even being committal about the upcoming weekend. Went from “when” we get married in a few years to “if”.

Let’s see, she never wants to go out or do anything anymore. Hell and even if she agrees there is no excitement about it.

Never tell’s me anything about her day or life. Mind you that I hate conversations like these but not if I actually like you lol so when they stop it’s like, hmmm.

Sex slows down or stops. Now all of a sudden your ass is always tired all of the time. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to married couples because well I hear that after the ring the sex slows down lol.

This one is hard to see but if your name gets changed back to something generic or no emojis by it? Well, then she gone bruh.

Another one is she complains about everything you do. Like nothing is right. I once got fussed out over sending a “good morning how did you rest” text. Woman dead ass was like “you always send that, you don’t have anything else to say” Lol.

Speaking of social media, if all of a sudden she seems to entertain other dudes when she used to shut them down when they would flirt? Responding thanks when she used to not say anything lol, you ain’t slick. More thirst traps all of a sudden? Trouble.

Lol, I could keep going but you get my drift. Pay attention so you won’t be out here looking so stupid and being blindsided. All jokes aside I saw an ex begin to check out months before we had that talk. So I just hit the gym hard and prepared myself in advance for what was about to happen. Lol, I laid it on thick too. “I’m not giving up”, “I know we can work it out”, “you’ll see, we will get back together”.

Game recognize game I guess lol.

I call it game because that is what it is. Well, maybe not game, but being selfish is what we should call it. I used to wonder, well if she knew she was done, why not tell me ASAP. Did she hope that maybe things would change for the better? Was she just trying to get a few more things out of me before it ended? Was she trying to be nice and couldn’t find the right way to say it’s over? Didn’t want to be the bad person so they would hope you would leave if they pushed you away enough? Was she keeping me until she found a replacement?

Doesn’t matter lol, it was still someone being selfish and not caring about your feelings. So the next time this happens:

A. Blame yourself for not paying attention to the obvious signs and picking this person & B. No matter what, don’t ask why just take the L and keep it moving. Lol, I promise an explanation will only make you angrier. Mainly because I am willing to bet that the explanation will somehow place the blame on you and absolve your ex of all responsibility.

B. No matter what, don’t ask why just take the L and keep it moving. Lol, I promise an explanation will only make you angrier. Mainly because I am willing to bet that the explanation will somehow place the blame on you and who want’s to be kicked when they are already down? I mean why else would people make dumb memes like this?

download (5)

I admit you should pay attention but what’s with all of these signals? She can’t just say she is mad or asking questions to clarify things? Lol and if she can’t respect you enough to say it’s over well then, she wasn’t that good of a woman and you actually lucked out.


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