So the NFL season begins today. Forgive me for not being as excited as I used to be. I wouldn’t even say it is because of the obvious blackballing of Colin Kaepernick that has me feeling “meh” about the season. I think that it is a combination of things making me feel this way.

I used to watch football all of the time. From the game on Thursday to the pre-game shows on Sunday morning until Monday Night Football I would watch. Flipping from Fox to CBS to the Redzone network or going to a bar and watching all the games. Hell, I would even watch the sports shows on ESPN and listen to sports talk radio every day just to get my fix. I no longer have this need. Part of it is that I don’t play fantasy football, so there is no need for me to care about any game except the one my team is playing. Another reason is that I am getting older. As a 35-year-old man, I feel stupid yelling and being so emotionally invested in this game that is more about business than anything else. The owners care about making money and it is a job for the players. What do I look like being all sad and mad that my team lost when the players shrug it off and focus on life or the next game. That makes zero sense. Not saying the players do not want to win but whether they win or lose I still have to take my ass into work Monday morning lol. Another reason? I like my weekends lol. I have so many other things I could do besides sit and watch football for 11 hours, even if all that is is just sleeping. Besides with social media, group chats, RedZone network and the internet, it is easy to keep up with the game and scores.

So let me get back to this Kaep situation. There are so many levels to this. How the NFL owners are acting is typical. It’s always been about money with them. So being shocked and upset with them is like me getting mad at a baby for peeing on itself. It’s what they do, no need to be surprised.

The players? Not really shocked by them either. I mean these guys are ruled by money (hell we all are on some level) and I didn’t expect any boycott from them. I mean these are the same men who don’t have guaranteed contracts and instead of holding out longer to potentially get that in labor negotiations they gave in early. It all evens out, you ever see or hear what happens to most of these guys after they retire? Sheesh.

I’m not shocked by the sports reporters and personalities. Including the sell outs such as Jason Whitlock, Ray Lewis, and that wishy washy Stephen A. Smith. This is what they do and how they make a living. Mike Vick (who is now in the media) didn’t really shock me because well, he doesn’t come off as the most knowledgeable brother. Not calling him dumb but sometimes I listen to him in interviews and go “huh”?

I’m not even that shocked by Jim Brown. Have you ever had a conversation with an 80 something-year-old black man? While it can be entertaining and sometimes funny you never know what that person will say. Sometimes it makes sense, other times it’s all confusing and contradictory but you just nod and say yes sir because well, he is one of your elders and you show respect. However, after the convo and you are alone you may think to yourself “wth was he talking about”?

The reaction by the majority of Americans isn’t shocking either. They love that anthem. I’m not sure why considering what most people do during the anthem. When was the last time you saw someone stand in front of the TV and salute or stand quietly with their hand over their heart listening to the anthem? Hell, I was in the military and people would break their neck trying not to get caught outside when…. nevermind let me speak on what has really been interesting to me.

The reaction of black people to Kaep, his protest, and the NFL. Unless you never logged into a social media account or viewed the internet last year I guess this story isn’t new to you. Last year Colin Kaepernick protested and wanted to bring attention to police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem.  To say it caused controversy would be an understatement. Fast forward to this season, Kaep opted out of his contract and since then hasn’t been signed. Is it because of his performance on the field? Well, in 12 games, 16 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, over 2,000 yards passing, a 90.7 Qb rating and a 59.2 completion percentage on a very bad San Francisco team was impressive. Then add that he is still under 30, made it to the super bowl and better than quite a few other starting and definitely better than any backup QB in the NFL.

You know what, we get it, he is blackballed and probably won’t play. So let’s focus on the reaction of black people who seem to agree with his protest and feel that Kaep is being treated unfairly. There has been a request that people boycott the NFL season. Now if I were to do a poll that consisted of friends, family and the few hundred people that I interact with or follow on social media the majority would say that they will not boycott.

The one reason that I actually hear and can respect is that I like football so I am not going to stop watching. Cool, you stated your reason and didn’t sugarcoat it or hide behind anything.

Fellas, you do realize your worship and allegiance to this sport is basically the same as some women when it comes to reality TV. So I don’t want to hear any of you say “Idk why these women like reality TV”. Sports are full of drama, sometimes suspense, entertainment, and violence, just like reality TV.

So let’s get into the other reason’s people said they wouldn’t boycott.

The number one excuse I saw was, “it won’t work, it won’t stop anything”, “the billionaires are still going to make their money”. My response to that? Well, Kaep taking those knees didn’t stop police brutality, hell we just saw what happened to an NFL player Michael Bennet in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. So this, in my opinion, means that none of these athletes should risk their career or endorsements for a cause when we all know “it won’t work”.

I also hear that the players aren’t doing anything, they should be boycotting. Lol, I get it yeah I’m not doing shit but look at them, they ain’t doing shit either.

My favorite thing that some of us do is deflect or place the blame elsewhere. Well, people aren’t boycotting x,y,z but you want us to boycott this. Lol and y’all get mad when blacks bring up police brutality and other races say “but what about black on black crime” Lol.

Imagine if Dr. King and the NAACP were attempting to plan the bus boycott and everyone had this logic? Because looking at that situation with this logic, the boycott wouldn’t have made any sense either.

I am not here to chastise anyone but I am noticing a pattern with us. Yes us, myself included. We are lazy and comfortable as people. We have decent jobs, we are able to go wherever we want to go and things aren’t that bad for most of us. We’re good. These issues aren’t really hitting close to home and we don’t really “care” until it happens to us or someone close to us. Our idea of activism is a blog post or posts on social media.

Let’s be real, our idea of activism is a blog post or posts on social media.

So while we are aware of the issues in the black community, for whatever reason they don’t move or impact us enough to do something about it. Sure we can complain about President Trump or talk about white supremacy but then what?

It reminds me of this saying, “Do you really want to win or just look good losing” Lol.

I do feel that we all want equality but what will we do to get it? Think about it, people don’t even want to be inconvenienced with having to watch something else on TV for a few hours and days a week. Lol. People aren’t asking you to stop watching TV, just don’t watch the NFL and that is too much of an inconvenience.

So what will we be willing to do to claim what’s ours and get equality? Besides pray, vote and post stuff on Facebook?

This is why I laugh when I see these t-shirts that say “I am not my ancestors, you can get these hands” or some BS like that. You won’t even turn off your TV for a cause but I am supposed to think that you are tougher than your ancestors and fight for something? Stop it lol. Our ancestors were willing to die for change. Meanwhile, we are all bark and no bite. Hell, if there were a revolution and the government cut off the AC or access to the internet people would lose their damn minds and give in but I am supposed to believe you are tougher than your ancestors. Lol, ok.

You do realize that in order for change to happen you will have to make sacrifices and be a little uncomfortable at times?

Lol but let me get off of my high horse. Maybe things are good and you don’t really see a need for any changes being made. If so I get it. Why ask for more if you feel as if you are good and getting what you deserve. Maybe Stephen A was right, maybe things are great for black people now.

To those of you who can just say I don’t want to stop watching I commend you. To the rest of you keep on justifying. Whatever it takes to make you feel better about your decision.

I just hope that if or when something really big happens and we need to make a sacrifice as people we will step up. However, looking at our current patterns as people I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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