Do not engage…

Men, we have to smarten up. Social media can be a trap for various reasons. It can set you up to be clowned by various strangers if you say something stupid, post a not so flattering pic or make a huge grammatical error. You can get exposed if you are lying about your life or being too thirsty (ask that Preacher who commented on that Nikki Minaj pic lol) hell or you can just find yourself spending way too much free time on it and it can impact your actual job performance, relationship or school work.

You want to know one of the bigger traps on social media? It isn’t the thirst traps women post, it isn’t those I’m about to deactivate my account or I’m lonely posts either. It’s those damn posts where one man may make an incorrect generalization or have an unpopular opinion about women and women repost it and ask men their opinion on it.

Hard to follow? It was kind of vague and a run on sentence so let me give you an example.

Now, this brother made a fatal flaw, one of the rules on social media is to never talk about a woman’s looks. Never, ever lol. I don’t really know what he is hinting at except that Issa is attractive but the guys have more options or seem to be more desirable maybe? Maybe that men have more options compared to women in today’s society? I really wish that he would have been more specific. However, he wasn’t and people were left to assume. Something told me not to comment or even view comments but curiosity got the better of me so I did.

The comments went as expected. Most women stated that it was because she has natural hair and is dark skinned. “Most men are color struck and feel this way”. Then I saw someone post the go to line during discussions like this “humble yourselves like your father, your momma wasn’t all that” and “what your baby momma look like tho”? Part of me wondered what these women’s Dad or child’s father looked like but that seemed petty. Besides, I was curious as to how they came up with this assumption. The assumption that Issa wasn’t considered attractive because of her skin color and hair. First of all the man didn’t call Issa unattractive so I was lost, but maybe there is more to the story? So I asked the woman who posted it did he say those were the reasons why he made this statement? She said no but that is usually why men say a black woman is unattractive. Ok… so I asked is this something you experienced. Many darker skinned women said no but they know most men think this way. So once again I asked, well how do you know this? They said they have been around guys. Hmmm, so men show you love and interest but there are also a few other men who you have been around who said they don’t like women because of their complexion so that qualifies as the norm? Seems like you are experiencing both but let’s go with the negative one I guess.

I commented that in regards to the question this is not how I feel and I know quite a few men who prefer darker skinned women or have no preference at all. I was told that my response was basically inaccurate.  Hell, they told me I was wrong and most men feel this way. Even though myself and other men who were commenting disagreed. I attempted to comment more and explain myself more but then I realized something.

My opinion does not matter lol. So yes men were asked to comment and we did but if it didn’t align with the opinions of the person making the post then well, we are wrong. Lesson learned and I just gave up. I even posted that I will no longer comment on such matters on social media ever again. I am going to humble myself, sit my ashy ass down somewhere and stick to what I know, any topics that do not involve women lol.

I said it in jest kinda but after thinking about it I think that is the right decision. I also think that as a man, if you want to have an enjoyable social media experience, it would behoove you to not comment on most topics women post. Even if they ask a man’s opinion. So any posts about gender roles, dating, a woman’s appearance, hair, weight, anything just scroll by and do not engage. At all. If she makes a post bashing men or saying we all do something? Scroll by. If it is a post asking what makes women a hoe? Scroll by. If it is a post asking about interracial dating? Scroll by.

You know, there is something about a man stating his preference or commenting on a woman’s looks that really make people fly off of the edge. Before you know it you are ashy or dusty, your dick small, you hate black women, your momma ugly and your baby momma too (if you have one) and no one wants you.

So, unless you want the attention or enjoy the back and forth keep all comments and opinions to yourself, your group chat the barber shop or just amongst friends.

Thank me later lol.

Also for the record, the most color struck people I ever met were the dark skinned grandmothers and older people in the South lol but that will be discussed at a later time.

3 Replies to “Do not engage…”

  1. Fuck not engaging. All that’s ever cost me is multiple Twitter accounts. Fuck that site anyways, jack is clearly trying to bang Jamilah Lemieux


      1. Dude, i came here because Twitter is going down HARD they cant make money off the shit cause they know if they put in rules the shit would collapse in a month


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