Who I want…

I saw this post on IG yesterday.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. After laughing I decided to figure out why does this happen to women. Of course instead of asking a woman I decided to jump to my own conclusions.

Let’s look at the men in the picture above. The only difference, in my opinion, is the men they don’t want have beards and aren’t dressed as nice but whatever. There is also a very good chance that both would only attempt to “holla” at a woman only for physical reasons. Which would make them the same?  Let’s assume, for argument’s sake that isn’t the case. Let’s assume the guys in the suits (for whatever reason) have good intentions and the shirtless brothers do not. Let’s also assume that these guys in suits have good careers and like to travel or do whatever it is women like men to do. I wouldn’t know, hence my singleness lol.

You know, some people holla at anything and everyone. So that’s probably why you get some men like the ones on the right hollering at you. You aren’t special, they just realize that it’s a numbers game and handle rejection well.

Back to the men on the right, why do you think it is that these men don’t want you? See, I really should have asked women this question shouldn’t I?

These are my guesses. Maybe you aren’t in the same social circles. Maybe he doesn’t find you attractive. Maybe you aren’t his type. Maybe you aren’t in his tax bracket. Maybe your interests aren’t the same. Maybe he want’s someone more traditional. Maybe he wants a woman without kids (if this applies).

So I suppose my next question is why don’t you like the men who like you? Maybe y’all live or hang out in the same areas?There has to be some sort of vibe or something that you give off that may make them attracted to you or maybe you both are closer or on similar levels than you realize. I guess the next question is how do you view yourself? Are you giving an honest assessment of who and what you are? Then again maybe you have and want to date “up”. Women have been known to date up and it can be considered ok while men not so much. I mean, I see and hear people make that argument for men. I see the posts telling women to help that man grow and build, etc. but when we actually see it in real life we usually frown at it, men and women. There are level’s correct? People usually judge a potential partner based off of income, looks, education level, vehicle, status and home. All before they get to the inside lol. I get it though, we can’t see the inside at first.

I am not really a “levels” person (at this stage just have a job and don’t get on my nerves and we can probably make it) but to those of you who are, maybe you want to get on a similar level to catch the type of guy you want.

So, now let’s address the elephant in the room. If those guys are fitting the external things you are asking for there is a chance that they are lacking in other areas. Maybe they are corny, don’t have an edge, work too much, boring, too nice or hell, maybe they suck in bed. I swear I saw a woman post that unemployed or broke boy penis is the best and so many women cosigned. So are you willing to make that exchange?



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