Men and women are shallow.

People that I have been following for years are finally following back. Getting random messages in my DM’s. Strangers and coworkers being extra flirty. Exes hitting me up as if I hit the lotto or my dick grew or personality changed. What changed… oh wait. I get it now. When someone mentions things that they like about me they talk about… the beard.

Yes, this bushy patch of hair that is on my face. Lol, apparently beards do for males, what makeup does for females. Excuse me, for women lol I know how that F word makes some of you feel. I argue that it isn’t quite the same until men begin to buy beards (I hear that this is an option but I don’t know anyone who has made this purchase yet) but nonetheless it’s an enhancer.

I posted a status about cutting my beard off and people were actually “fake upset” about it. Telling me not to cut it. Not sure why because not one of the people who were upset about it never ever attempted to throw me the pu… lol. I’m just saying if all you’re gonna do is look who cares anyway. The funny thing is that it made me realize my level of unattractiveness.

I viewed the reactions as “nooooo, don’t cut that beard because it is your greatest physical attribute and you will be ugly again and I will have no interest without it”. Which is ok but very telling.

I had to take a line from my sisters, “you think I’m doing this for you, I’m doing this for me” lol. Nah, the beard definitely wasn’t for women. The crazy thing is that I actually grew the beard because I was over 260 lbs at the time and my face was getting fat. The beard was able to hide my second chin. I also grew it because my Dad had one lol. Not at any moment did I think that hmm, this will make women attracted to me.

However, I do know some men that are doing it for women and they are flourishing. If you don’t believe me, look for that beard game matters group on FB. The thirst is beyond real. Women losing their ever-loving minds over men and their facial hair. I can’t knock the brothers for taking advantage of it. Hell, I say use it to your advantage. meet women who are strictly into that and then when you are tired of her cut your beard off lol. Much easier than having the “it’s not you, it’s me speech”. Better yet, if she asks what are we you can bring up her shallowness and explain that is why you don’t want anything serious. Lol, there are many ways that you can carry it.

Ironically as much as I hate the attention from the beard, I’m still not gonna cut it yet tho lol. Maybe after winter or I lose these next 10 lbs.

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