“You’re lucky if my mean ass likes you…”

“You’re lucky if my mean ass likes you” or “I lose interest quickly” lol. I see posts like this or similar to this daily… by women.

When I see these posts I think to myself, are you proud of this? Like do you think it’s an endearing quality to have? Lol or like my grandmother used to ask me, boy, you think that mess is cute?

Please don’t take this as an attack… then again go ahead lol.

I get it, you can’t let everyone in and be friendly with everybody. Also, you can’t help who you are and how you act on some level.

The funny thing is that I have a similar personality and it’s actually one of the few things about myself that I’m not necessarily proud of. I’m convinced my moodiness or how easily annoyed I get or my ability to justify letting people go is why my old ass is single now and the reason I have missed out on multiple great women.

It’s quite humbling and frustrating to realize that the reason you aren’t fully happy on every level is because of well, because of you.

Lol but this post ain’t about me and my issues. I will let a therapist handle those at a later date. Let’s get back to y’all.

Let’s break down those quotes I mentioned earlier. You’re lucky if my mean ass likes you. So let me get this straight. Some men would be lucky to have a mean ass person like you? Better yet, do you really think that because you are an asshole to everyone else and you may be a bitch to everyone else you don’t think it could seep into your relationship or you may not frequently do that to the person you’re with? It’s almost like a habit or muscle memory. When you do something or act a certain way the majority of time at some point it’s just who you are. Sorry to break that news to you. Then let me guess after they leave you, you can post or express how you need someone who won’t give up on you lol. Someone who isn’t weak like all the others lmao. Yeah, they are weak for not continuing to deal with your shit.

Ok, now let’s break down this other saying, “I lose interest quickly”. So it really isn’t the other person’s fault correct?  Lol or is it that you are so advanced, complex and special it is going to take more to get your interest than it would for most women? Have you seen the ratio of heterosexual, single women to heterosexual single men? Good luck with that. Out here thinking all 10 “him’s” that you had this year are fuckboys and ain’t shit when it’s you that is the problem. Better sit your adult relationship ADHD ass down somewhere and reevaluate things.

Like damn, you really proud that none of these situations or relationships work? It’s a compliment that no one wants to deal with your shit long term or that you keep letting people go for the smallest reasons?

Also with this wall that you have and how difficult it is to let people in, somehow you continue letting the wrong person in? Better yet, not only letting the wrong person in but staying with them despite knowing that they are doing you wrong.

That “somehow you continue letting the wrong person in” line would have been a great ending to this post but I’m not here to kick people while they are down. Believe it or not blogging is how I cope or a form of self-therapy, my way of sharing my eff ups so hopefully, someone can learn from my mistakes. Ok, sometimes it’s also my way of throwing shade lol.

So once again let me add another moment of vulnerability. I think that one side effect of always letting people go too soon, or being so difficult and moody is that you get tired of it and you begin to press. “The next person I date will be my last” lol. I often find that whenever someone is able to make it through those walls and I actually catch feelings for them I tend to hold on for dear life. You ever saw a small dog grabbing a chew toy? Well, that’s me when I actually fall for someone. You can lift me off of the ground and swing me around but I still won’t let go. It’s like I tell myself, “I never like anyone this much” and “I know I’m fucked up and there aren’t too many people that will deal with me so I better try to make this work no matter what”. I mean how many more chances am I going to get?

So guess what happens after another failed attempt? The wall get’s bigger, my patience becomes even shorter and I become even more standoffish and introverted. Lol, it’s like a vicious cycle.

So yeah, stop bragging about that dumb shit.

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