Not all men…

Fellas, how many times have you seen a woman on social media post a generalized statement about the opposite sex. Something like, “all men play games” or “all men are trash” or my personal favorite, “black men don’t support black women” etc.

When you see these posts how does that make you feel?

Apparently, it upsets some of you and it causes you to do one of three things. Either say “well women do it too” or you say “not all men do this” or you will actually sit there and let the person know that you aren’t like the men she is talking about.

Why tho?

I mean, I get it if you are interested in the woman and you are hoping to persuade her to show interest in you. If that is your purpose, by all means, spit your game. Even though I am not sure why you would. If her point of view on men is that negative there is a great chance that she will not trust you, take longer to open up to you, she is narrow-minded, possibly damaged from previous relationships and a good chance that things will not work out with you.

Yes, I am speaking from experience.

For the rest of you, I am going to need you to do better. These are people that you may not even know making general close minded statements. Usually, because they are hurt, trolling, upset or just ignorant.  Hell, they may not really feel that way. However, if they think all men are trash, it is not your duty to try and prove to them that all men aren’t. Take your damn cape off lol.

Seriously, what makes you think that you can change someone’s mind? Especially on the internet. If you go the “well women do it too” route it will lead to an argument and they will tune you out. If you say ‘not all men do it” they can just tell you that you’re lying or say maybe not all or most do it. Lol, and if you try to explain how you’re different I am pretty sure that they will have an example where another guy said the exact same thing to them and lied.

I get it, for whatever reason we feel inclined to “take up for ourselves” but guess what? Everyone’s opinion should not be that valuable to you. I get it, we should love our sister’s and hate that they may feel this way about men but what can you really do? Wouldn’t it be easier trying to prove that to someone you actually know and may be interested in? Like your girlfriend or that woman, you are dating that you haven’t given a title to yet lol.

So the next time you see a negative post about men by someone on your timeline or newsfeed, do one of two things. Scroll by and say nothing or maybe say “I’m sorry that this is your experience, hopefully at some point, you will meet someone who will not make you feel this way”.

You know what, scratch that last part, just don’t comment at all lol. I’m serious because you know what could happen? You could mess around and interact with so many people who have a negative view of men that you will think that all women think this way as well. So now you’re just as bad as the person you were trying to “help”.

Protect your energy fellas and leave that negativity alone.

One Reply to “Not all men…”

  1. ” If you go the “well women do it too” route it will lead to an argument and they will tune you out” Facts
    On this topic you can’t argue with a woman on this because they will most likely have the last word.
    I look at it like this, most women that say “Men are trash” on social media just looking for attention and looking to argue. I look at the tweet and keep it moving. Don’t give women any unnecessary attention. I only give women attention when they truly deserve it like my gf/sister/mother.
    Most of these girls that say “Men are trash” guarantee you are going to smash another man a month later so I think it’s funny when Women say stuff like this
    good blog


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