Time wasting 101

Ever met a woman and heard these 6 words? I hate getting my time wasted.

Lol, don’t we all but what exactly does this mean? I used to think that any form of misleading or leading someone on would qualify as time wasted but sometimes I wonder if that is the case. Often times it feels as if any interaction with the opposite sex that doesn’t end in marriage is a waste of time.

Yes, even those mutually beneficial, agreed upon sexual relationships are going to be considered a waste of time. That period of dating where you informed her that you are looking for a relationship but you do not want to rush until you get to know each other? Waste of time. hell, if you date, get in a relationship and things end months later? Still going to be considered a waste of time lol.

So, now that we have that established what is considered a waste time I think that it is obvious. We are in a lose/lose situation. Now the younger me would say, well since no matter what I do will be considered a waste of time, I should just be reckless and do whatever I want to do. Say hello to the bad guy.

However, thanks to some growth on my end I will not do that. Instead, I will give men tips on how to not put yourself in the position. (Yes, take advice from my single ass). Ok, at least method’s not to waste her time…as bad as those other dudes lol.

1. I personally think one of the leading causes of people’s time being wasted is boredom. You ever been chillin at home, no prospects and you get on Tinder or some dating site. Maybe you go through old texts and see a brief convo with someone you met while you were out weeks or months ago? Maybe finally slide in that cute woman’s DM’s and drum up a conversation after she posts a thirst trap or tweets about being horny or lonely.

So as simple as it sounds, get a hobby. My go to’s are writing, the gym and sleeping. It leaves very little time to do anything else.

Do simple adult stuff. You know, like have a job, be a parent to your kid (if you have one). That can also help.

Another thing that will help, delete people. Delete those old contacts or text threads. I mean sending a “hey stranger” text or “you were on my mind, I was checking up on you” messages every few months doesn’t get old?

2. Another cause has to be horniness. I am a man and I get it, sometimes you have an urge. Utilize the internet and all of its glory. Between xvideos, twitter and sometimes snap (swear it’s mad strange when someone will post them having sex or being naked and then the next snap be with their kids… can we get a buffer of some sort first? Like maybe just snap a blank screen or something?) I can find stimulating things to view and then perform self-love. If you are bold I would say utilize backpage lol but I do not condone doing anything illegal. Ironically I wonder, how many women would get their time wasted if the exchange of money for sex was legal in the US? Of course, it would continue happening but it couldn’t be at the same rate could it? Sorry, got sidetracked. You can also wait for that girl who you used to mess with to want to link up for sex again. Maybe she just doesn’t want to add to her body count (as if that matters) so she just messes with you again. Lol, or you could just keep it in your pants.

3. You can’t juggle women. I get it, you should always have options and not put all your eggs in one basket. While this does make sense it can be more difficult to get to know someone if you are talking to multiple women. Not to mention that it kills your patience. If she is being too extra or getting on your nerves, you can just talk to one of the others. Also, it can be draining.  Not even on a sexual level. Like, have you ever listened to 3 women tell you how their day went? Just shoot me instead, right in my face.

4. Be honest, clear and concise with your intentions…and reiterate them. If you just want to date casually let her know up front…and let her know the following week…and the following week. It can be annoying but sometimes people have convenient amnesia and you have to remind them what it is.

5. Don’t be afraid to let her go. This probably could be included in number 4 but I wanted my list to at least be 5 things. I get it, things are going smooth, she is doing what you want her to do. You have an understanding that she agreed upon. Yet you see all her subliminal posts on social media about wanting more. You notice the little hints that she gives about wanting more or complaining. You have to let her go. I don’t care if she begs (it happens) or tell’s you that she is ok with things, I don’t care if the sex is mindblowing,  you still let her go. What’s the saying? Sometimes you have to save people from themselves.

*Honorable mention – Make sure you are actually single before attempting to talk to her.

So yeah, if you do these things, you will still probably be considered a “fuckboy” and “time waster” but not as much of a fuckboy and time waster as the others so there is that lol.

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