My very first time

Sometimes I read posts on social media in regards to racism and I think to myself, “Y’all slow as Hell” lol.

From the commentary on our country being racist to our President and white supremacy, the racism, and bias/agendas in media, racism in corporations, NFL, etc. It’s as if this is your very first experience.

Like you didn’t know America was racist? You forgot what this country was built upon? You really think these wealthy men care about anyone but their pockets? You really think that black people are being treated fairly? Things are that much better for us as a people? The media and government aren’t in cahoots? You’re just noticing how the media portrays blacks and Muslims in comparison to others? You thought politicians were good people? Did you pro athletes really think that owners care about you?

As I had these thoughts while scrolling my timeline frustrated and annoyed with everyone I had to take a step back and analyze. Not only what I’m reading but more specifically who is making these posts.

It dawned on me that for some of you, this may be your first “real” experience with racism or the first time you actually paid attention to it.

The majority of people that I follow or that I am friends with are probably in the age range of 20 – 40 years old. So for some of you, your only other experience with racism may be someone calling you nigger online or maybe being followed in a department store or a video shared on FB showing examples of it.

Then there is the President Obama factor. For a lot of you, this is the first President that you actually paid attention to. For many, it was your first time being old enough to vote and paying attention to and understanding politics and the news. There is also the fact that some people were so naive that many thought things were better for black people and the country was becoming more open-minded just because the President was black. Lol, think again. Those 8 years weren’t as great for our people as we would like to think. Things just didn’t get this bad in this country, it was always this way. It just may have felt a little better because there was a symbol of hope for some of you. Now, not so much, the novocaine is no longer in office.

There is also the fact that some of you may not have grown up in the south or places where racism isn’t hidden as well. Just saying, there are places in some southern states where it still looks and feels like the 1960s. I also noticed that in the south, people who have certain prejudices or negative feelings to “minorities” have no problem showing or sharing them instead of hiding it or being subtle like racists do in other areas of the country.

Speaking of subtle lol, President Trump or 45 as some like to call him is not shy at all. He does not hide his true feelings about every non-wealthy, non-white man. Oh yeah and let’s not forget his feelings towards our outwardly non-heterosexual brothers and sisters. He isn’t a fan at all lol. Unlike most politicians, he doesn’t use diplomacy or speak in codes. Ironically I prefer this style because at least I know where I stand and don’t have to worry about someone lying to me or being fake. Sometimes it feels like the President basically tweets or will say during an interview “I am racist, sexist and I hate all of you who are different and I will do whatever I can to make your life miserable”.

Let’s not also forget that there is more exposure or access to everything.  When you include the Internet, smartphones, bloggers, social media, TMZ, and YouTube, almost everything can be seen and heard. So any form of brutality, comments or displays of racism, examples of discrimination or hate we see or hear about it on a daily basis. No matter what part of the country it happens in.

So after taking a step back and looking at all of these variables, I would like to apologize to those of you who I thought to be “slow as hell”.

So now that we all see and can admit that things aren’t as good as some thought they were now what? What is the next move? Some of you say you aren’t your grandparents and racists can catch these hands lol. No, I am not suggesting you become violent but I am really curious as to what we will do now. Besides post blogs, tweet or post things about our country or finger point/demonize others who may not protest or boycott certain products or better yet people who aren’t willing to risk losing employment (especially if you aren’t willing to do the same). So figure out your course of action and do whatever you can to improve yourself and your people’s situation. Good luck.


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