What happened?

You ever meet someone and you guys click. The momentum is strong as hell. You have a few dates, talk/text a lot, and you two are really feeling each other, even discussing your hypothetical futures. Then just like that, things kind of fizzle out and eventually, you no longer talk?

Then you find yourself one day, maybe weeks or a month later going through old text messages or you see the person appear on social media and you think to yourself “damn, what happened” to/with him or her?

Come on, I know this just isn’t me that it happens to.

You know, sometimes the reasons aren’t always as bad as we assume. I know some people may assume that they got ghosted. Maybe he/she got back with an ex or ended up dealing with someone else on their “roster”. Hell, some people may assume that the other person was actually already in a relationship and left you alone because they almost got caught up cheating. Maybe they just weren’t feeling you anymore. Lol, the imagination can come up with so many reasons as to why things may fall off with someone.

As I get older I have come to the realization that sometimes life happens. Especially if you are a parent or have other adult responsibilities. I laugh at the saying that “people make time for what’s important”. That’s true on some level lol. At the same time my kid, bills, budget, health, and family are just as important. Now if I am talking to someone and I always see them out on the scene and they never have time for me then that is a different story

Of course, we all know that this could be prevented if we were better at communicating but let’s be real, who does that? Lol.

Sometimes when you are going through something and it’s early in that talking stage with someone you don’t necessarily feel comfortable talking to that other person about it. It’s almost like, you don’t want to burden them or maybe it’s the fact that you know that they can’t do anything about it anyway. Then throw in potential moodiness, not wanting to waste their time or drag them into your funk, or wanting to be left alone or needing space and it can lead to you two no longer talking.

So then you have the other person feeling some type of way because they may be left in the dark. Hell, even if you did give an explanation it still doesn’t take away from the fact that they may not be getting what they used to get from you. Then when they think about it and realize that it’s early and there is no title or real connection they may just fall off too and not contact you as often.

So once that happens then, well you know the rest.



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