Holding them accountable 

Do you hold your friends accountable based off of how they treat the opposite sex?

I have had women ask me this question and at one stage of my life I would get defensive and before even answering I would respond, well do you tell your girls to stop using dudes for free food, drinks or stringing guys along etc. Lol but thankfully I have evolved.

Thankfully I have evolved and instead of deflecting I just answer the question.

My short answer is no I do not.

Define hold them accountable? Lol, I mean I’m honest in my assessment of what happened or what they are doing if they make the mistake and actually ask my opinion. I definitely don’t hold back and will speak the harsh truth but outside of that, I tend not to comment on their relationships or interactions with the opposite sex. Mainly because I feel as if it none of my business.

There have been occasions where I have told them that they were wrong and let them know the risks but here is something that I have learned over the years. You can’t make grown folks do anything lol. Hell, it is difficult making your kids do things you tell them to do and that sometimes has to include the threat of corporal punishment. Even in management, with the risk of firing someone, you still can’t make your employees do certain things. Same applies to relationships with women, I can’t “make” my girl treat me right, be faithful or any of those things. They either will or they won’t.

So when another grown ass man is doing something that is wrong to whatever woman he is entertaining all I can say is “you know you’re wrong bruh”. Usually, my boy’s will say I know and we keep it moving.

Maybe that makes me a bad person but so be it. All I can control is me and my actions.

There is also another exception, which doesn’t happen but if I saw them doing something wrong. Maybe hitting a woman, being too aggressive with a woman, catcalling, being verbally abusive or something inappropriate I would definitely stop my friend and call him out on it but fortunately, I don’t have friends like that so I can’t even relate.

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