It Don’t Take Much

You know, one thing that somewhat annoys me about the Donald Trump phenomenon, outside of the obvious is the reaction. Well, more so how people view the reactions.

Let me explain.

If any famous person tweets about or raps about or talks about Trump in a negative way it is almost viewed as if they are really doing something or down for the cause.

I know I sound cynical but just hear me out. We still have to do more than just talk. Especially when Trump is so blatantly racist that anyone can see it. Hell, calling him racist or evil is damn near like one of those Captain Obvious moments on the commercials.

Eminem rapped against Trump, now what? LeBron James and Jemele Hill tweeted about Trump now what?

What we can’t do as people is to just be satisfied with only words. Now, this isn’t a knock on the people I mentioned, just an example. I know for certain that LeBron does things for his community and I am sure at some point Eminem has helped as well. Also in regards to Jemele Hill if nothing else just the image of a regular (no shade, hell I am regular but it’s nice to see a woman who isn’t considered a supermodel on TV, usually throughout history it seems that women had to look or be built a certain way to appear on television) single, successful, smart black woman on TV is so impactful for young black women and girls self esteem. Not to mention that on certain topics she seems to have  a very strong message.

So when we see people tweet eff Trump, or make statements pay attention to what they do after and don’t get so excited and caught up in just the words.

David Banner said it best…


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