Role reversal 

Lol, times are changing… especially in regards to dating the opposite sex.

I didn’t realize it until a few years ago. I didn’t, well I still don’t know much about women but I never really interacted with them unless it was someone I was dating/talking to. Lol, yeah I don’t have many friends of the opposite sex, hell now that I think about it I don’t have many friends at all. The only “female” voices were my sister, mother and to a lesser extent my younger cousins.

Then I joined Twitter. Oh boy. The things women would tweet in regards to the opposite sex. It was like damn, they trifling just like us. It shocked me because there was a certain image that most women that I came across seemed to portray. Come to find out they were more like men than I realized. In regards to sex, dating, relationships, feelings, everything.

It really opened my eyes.

Then as that one long relationship that I had ended and I “got back out in the game” my eyes were opened even more.

It was just simple things. Like I knew that women may date me for a free meal. I also knew that some had a roster and juggled men. I also knew that they lied like men, except their lies were more so “omissions” you know, “well you didn’t ask, so I didn’t tell you”. Lol, but it was the smaller more subtle things that I learned.

Now before I get into examples let me get this disclaimer out of the way. This applies to SOME, not all women.

1.They will “wyd” you to death. Just straight up text throughout the day, “wyd” and then ask “when you taking me out” or “when we doing something” lol.

2.They will stay hitting you up with “send me a pic” lol. I’m like man I have over 700 posts on IG, pick one.

3.Lol, they will also ask for nudes.

4.Let me tell a woman I just showered or I’m about to shower and they will hit me with “without me” or “I wish I was there” lol.

5.I can say that I am cooking dinner and they will ask “when will you cook for me” or say “you never cooked for me” lol.

6.Let a brother post a decent selfie and you will get those “hey stranger” messages. I lost a little weight and grew a beard and all my old exes hit me up. It confused me though because my personality hasn’t changed and my dick hasn’t grown so why would they want me back?

7.Did I mention how they also enjoy wasting time? Lol, don’t really want you but be bored or want a little attention so they hit you up and entertain you briefly. Then one day, just stop responding to texts lol.

8.Contrary to popular belief women will spend a little money on you. Sadly I am ruined by my upbringing lol so I struggle accepting gifts, definitely not about that accepting money life or allowing someone of the opposite sex to pay for my meal. Ok, I have been a little more flexible on the meal thing as I get older lol.

9.Will “have a whole ass boyfriend/husband” yet still holla at you and lie about it or hit you with the old  “we ain’t really together” or “we sleep in separate rooms” response when confronted.

10.Definitely not complaining about this one (has been a minute) lol but they can just want you for sex. No emotions whatsoever.

Hell, I’m not complaining about any of the things I listed, just showing the similarities between men and women.

The game is definitely changing and these gender roles that our parents may have taught us keep blurring daily. Lol, I feel bad trying to explain this to my son when he is older. I may just say “good luck, have fun and you’re on your own boy” lol.



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