No more…

I am all about being sexually liberated but fellas, I think we really need to stop having one night stands and/or sex on the first date.

Hear me out. I understand that there is the risk that if you don’t have sex the first night, super early or even make an effort she will assume that you are really into her even if you are not and told her you may only want sex or something casual. There is also the risk that you may never get that opportunity again because she may go back to her ex or someone else but after careful evaluation, I still do not think it is worth the risk.

Now before I go into making a list I would suggest that before inserting your penis into any woman or at least inviting her into your home or going to hers it’s probably in your best interest that you at least attempt to get to know her. Yes, she may lie but you have to at least do your due diligence.

  1. You could get robbed. I keep reading home invasion stories weekly. Men out here meeting women online or in clubs either being robbed by the woman or set up by the woman so that her boys can rob him.
  2. You could get assaulted. There are some women who may have a stalkerish crazy ex, baby daddy or be in a relationship and maybe that is the night he followed her. Meanwhile, you out here all comfortable and don’t even realize you are about to get your ass beat.
  3. Some of you may not be into transgendered relations. (We all have preferences) Now in my personal experience, every person that I came across at least in an online dating setting has been upfront with who they are, hell they had it in their screenname or bio. However, I have heard stories of men getting drunk (so they say) and taking someone home and finding out during or after that the person was transgender. This is why it pays to actually get to know someone.
  4. Rape allegations. First of all, I have been taught that if a woman is under the influence of alcohol or drugs she can’t give sexual consent. Outside of my moral compass this also plays into my frugalness and an excuse as to why I do not buy strange/women drinks lol. Think about it, if you don’t really know someone and you make the mistake of taking them back and either they are too drunk or feel regret it could make for a very bad situation… like jail.
  5. STD’s. Self-explanatory.
  6. Bad sex. Maybe it’s just me but sex is better for both parties when I connect or know someone. Hell, at the very least if we talked enough I could at least know what you like lol.
  7. Most importantly, you could die. The people robbing you could kill you, the ex or current significant other could kill you, you could get killed in jail or by the cops arresting you after rape allegations and STD’s could kill you.

So yeah, fellas it’s time to take accountability and responsibility for our actions and do whatever we can to prevent ourselves from being in bad, unsafe situations. We have to be more careful out here, seriously. Like I mentioned earlier, people can lie and mislead you but you have to do as much as you can to prevent yourself from being in these situations. I honestly think that this could help some of you out. Lol and yes I know that even with time and research similar things could happen to you and you could still be set up or have a bad experience. I get that, but one could hope that during that time period you could at least weed some people out and at the very least decrease your chances of having things like this happen to you.


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