Twitter fingers…

I see Jemele Hill was suspended for 2 weeks because of her tweets by ESPN.

Jemele was warned a few weeks ago about her tweets calling President Trump and his cabinet white supremacists and she made a public apology.

Then weeks later, she tweeted in response to Jerry Jones saying “his players will not play if they disrespect the national anthem” that fans should boycott the Dallas Cowboys and their advertisers.

So let me get this straight. You tweet and/or agree that people should boycott an NFL team’s sponsors. ESPN has a relationship with the NFL, hell they have a contract with them to show the draft and Monday Night Football. Now we add the fact that the NFL and ESPN also have similar sponsors… what exactly did she expect would happen? She later explained that she did not specifically tell people to boycott but let’s be real, yes you did.

I know it feels as if I am attacking Jemele Hill but I’m not. I hear many of you saying that it isn’t fair, she was speaking the truth and what about her first amendment rights. Hell, I commend her for having the balls to speak up but you have to remember, along with freedom of speech, there is also something called consequences for your actions. So if you want to say anything, you have to be prepared to at least deal with the consequences or whatever else comes with your statement.

Think about it. You work for a company, and you sign a contract with them. There is a policy that mentions social media usage and that there could be an issue if your tweets paint the company in a bad light or cause a conflict of interest with sponsors. You do not follow these rules and tweet something inappropriate and get a warning while other colleagues were suspended for doing things similar. Cool, you dodged a bullet but you obviously have to be aware that management will be paying extra close attention to you now. So what do you do? You get back on Twitter, and you tweet that fans should boycott advertisers, some that your same company uses? Once again, what did you expect to happen?

You can’t play both sides. You can’t expect to take money from “them” but also talk about them and potentially hurt their pockets at the same time. This rarely works. These corporations will always pick the sponsors and dollars over employees unless the talent is exceptional.

So I am curious if you feel that strongly why not quit your job, maybe switch networks or start your own show? I ask this because obviously, you should have known that you had to follow certain rules if you wanted to continue working for ESPN. You also agreed to all of the rules and the money that comes with it. So this is what happens. You think you’re just going to take “their” money and do and say what you want? Lol, no, ma’am.

Personally, I think she has a large enough voice to do her own things and should either leave or start her own show. The pay may not be up to par but at least you could potentially be a part of something belongs to you and allows you to say whatever it is you want. Then again, maybe she is prepared to do just that and this is part of the plan. If not, it would be best that she thinks before she tweets from now on or she could be fired next time.


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