My Fight Against Cuffin Season

This is the time of the year in a single man’s life when the fight against cuffin season becomes somewhat easier.

It never fails, as soon as the temperature drops, some women become a little more aggressive than normal. You have an influx of random “wyd” and “hey stranger” texts in your inbox. Everyone seems more cordial and “friendly” towards you.

Last year I fell victim to this unknowingly. Woman slid right into my inbox and before you knew it I was feeling her ass. I had it so bad she was asking me about every woman who commented on my posts and my dumb ass was explaining.

Not this year though. Ok, I won’t say this year but it’s going to be a little more. Why, you ask? Simple. It is that time of the year where we have the MLB playoffs, the NFL season (for those who aren’t boycotting) and the beginning of the NBA season. Add in an 8 hour shift, a few hours in the gym, college football and sleep a brother will not have time for the usual BS.

Now some of you are reading this and thinking to yourself, damn, what does he have against relationships? Nothing. My issue is cuffin season because it is so damn temporary and screams, “I’m bored”.  Hell, cuffin season even has an end date. So why would I want to waste my time, energy and give someone my time and heart knowing that as soon as Valentine’s Day passes and the temperature changes there is a good chance that we will be done. Nah, I’m good on that. It would be different if the other person hinted that it was casual or a temporary thing but they usually don’t, which leads to disappointment, a waste of time, a few dollars and some deleted pictures lol.

So fellas, watch those games, ignore the thirst traps and I miss you texts, be forever vigilant, in this battle against cuffin season.

Unless that’s what you’re into. If so, by all means, cuff away lol.


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