What does your IG say about you?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” – Oscar Wilde or Will Rogers (IDK who said it first).

I’m convinced that most first impressions are made through social media.

Before there was this wonderful creation called “social media” the best or the normal way to get to know someone would be to actually talk to and be around them. While I think that is the best way to get to know someone it seems as if we don’t really do that anymore.

Some people I have met strictly through social media or dating sites and even if I met someone in person, I still find myself looking at their social media to attempt to get an idea of who it is I am dealing with or if I can find something in common to have a conversation about or if she is really single. Not to mention it help’s remembering important things like birthdays or how many kids they have and how she really looks because I could have been drunk when I met her.

Apparently, women do this as well. I can’t count how many times women have told me that because of my social media and my blog posts they have a negative view of me or they tell me why they were hesitant to speak to me. Of course, this makes me laugh because that’s kind of the point. I don’t want to let everyone into my circle or be known as “too friendly” of a guy. I prefer you see the honest, blunt, unfiltered version of me instead of a filtered version. Hell, I generally know what attracts women, at least enough to get a woman. I could easily post how “all women are queens” or videos from these male relationships guru’s or talk about all the hypothetical shit I would do for my queen if I had one and how great a guy I am but why? You can either find out or assume the worst, I really don’t care. Despite the fact that there may be a good chance that I may have missed out on the future Mrs. Williams due to a post. Oh well, she would have probably been too sensitive to deal with me anyway.

So can we agree that if we have IG it means that there is at least a small percentage of us that is narcissistic? Eff it, we don’t have to agree, we do.

Can we also agree that people lie their ass off on social media? From working those angles in pics to pretending they are good people, to having money, they are happy or whatever, people lie. Even when they aren’t using words.

It’s more blatant on Twitter and Facebook but it can sometimes be just as obvious on IG.

So let me take a look at my own IG and give an honest assessment of myself.


First I am going to look at my follow to follower ratio. I follow 636 people and I have 350 followers. Hmm, either I follow a lot of celebs or I’m just not that popular (lol just like high school all over again). I notice I follow a lot of IG models, webcam girls, and attractive women… I must be sexually repressed or like thick women lol.

Now let’s look at the number of posts. 754 in only a few years. Lol, they do say that Leo’s can be narcissistic and I do share the same birthday as one of the most narcissistic people ever, Arnold Schwarzenegger so yeah. I’m also going to equate all of these posts to me having too much downtime and being bored.

Now we look at the bio. I see that I am promoting a blog but I also notice that by my caption that I am aware that as a 35-year-old man I should not be posting so many pictures of myself and I am masking my shame by making a joke. I am also admitting that I can be shallow at times and I love women’s thirst traps. Not enough to slide in DM’s but enough to like the pics.

Now let’s take a look at what I am actually posting. So I went back almost a month, 27 posts which means I damn near averaged a post a day lol.


So let’s see, there was a post promoting my boy’s clothing line, #SpaceBound. Every single other post was about me or pertaining to me lol. I had a few about beards which were me admitting that I’m aware that beards are make up for men and that some of the attention I received is because of that and I may or may not be ugly. Ok, not ugly but definitely average pre-beard lol. There was a few #TBT post of my boys which means that I miss hanging out with them and could possibly have moments of loneliness. Posts with my son and throwbacks with my son which obviously means I’m the non-custodial parent and I miss him or see him enough. Posts about being single, which could mean several things. Either I’m letting everyone know so they can shoot their shot or that I was having a Diddy” I need a girl” type moment. You know what else screams single? Some of the comments and heart eyes under my pics. Lol, if I had a girl my comments would have been turned off… or she would be blocked and not following me. Don’t want that stress. There were also the gym posts. Hey, I am happy that I am not as fat as I used to be and I like showing other’s some of my workouts and that if I can do it so can they. Plus, I was looking swole in a few pics and had to show off before my muscles relaxed. Finally, you know what most of my posts were about? Women. They say we talk about what we love the most and obviously, it must be Y’all confusing asses. I do throw a few shots here and there but it’s in jest, I promise.

So after analyzing all of this I have come to this conclusion about myself. I have too much free time, love women, get lonely at times, have a narcissistic side, I am single, sometimes moody, have a dry sense of humor and I like attention from time to time.

I could go into detail about what I liked on IG but it’s not that deep. It’s either half-naked women, attractive women, gym pics, food, people and their kids, funny memes or happy couples. So basically I like damn near everything.

What’s the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Lol, this definitely applies to me and to you. I don’t care how often you say “I just post random stuff, it doesn’t pertain to me” maybe not always but it does more often than not.

See, we even tell on ourselves unknowingly.

Oh yeah, and just a tip, this may be why sometimes we seem to “click” so fast with each other or keep being fooled by the opposite sex. Some people have been known to “research” find things in common and use it to their advantage when dealing with the opposite sex. I’ll save that post for another day tho. Smh.


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