The NBA season is back and I am definitely excited about it. Against my better judgment, while watching the game I decided to also take a look at social media in order to see some of the comments and reactions to the game.

Currently, I am in the process of weaning myself off of social media. Ok, not necessarily weaning myself but limiting my interaction and usage. The negativity was getting to me and to be perfectly honest, I was spending too much of my free time on it.

As I browsed Twitter and IG I noticed damn near more posts about a Gucci Mane’s wedding. Pics of him, his bride and all the people that attended the wedding. I must admit that I was amazed at how positive the majority of the posts were. So I kept scrolling and then I saw this:

See, Y’all just had to make me write about this ish. I was slightly frustrated because my plan for this week was to write about personal stuff all week. Yet somehow, I allowed myself to get distracted by social media.

So I am curious, when did everyone begin to like Gucci Mane?

It’s almost as shocking as how people view Mike Tyson and hell, even OJ Simpson (myself included, I bought a t-shirt smh).

The thing about Gucci Mane is that he has done damn near everything women, at least the women I follow online, hate. He was always in jail, he was addicted to drugs, he has been violent and disrespectful towards women, cheated, spit misogynistic lyrics and overall just did some effed up things.

Now, this is not to be negative about Gucci but in order to explain myself, I have to remind you of his history. Hell, I bet Gucci could say that he supports the President and you would forgive him lol.

It would be wrong of me not to acknowledge the changes that he made. Talk about a total 180. If he can make changes what exactly is our excuse?

So I am curious as to why does everyone seem so forgiving? Is it the fact that he is an entertainer. We all know that if you can sing, act or play sports well people have a short memory and will forgive you. Then again maybe people just like being in love or they enjoy love stories and to them, this is considered a love story and happy ending. I know some of us, myself included love a good redemption story. You know, someone messes up, get’s themselves together, apologizes and becomes a “good person” and we all are happy.

I am curious, how do we pick and choose who we forgive? I mean I know celebrities who just get accused of a crime, falsely and people will wash their hands of it. Then, on the other hand, someone can do time and people love them. Perfect example, Nelly, and Tupac. Nelly was accused of sexual assault, Pac was convicted. Chad Johnson was convicted of domestic violence and people love him, then you have Floyd Mayweather and well, while the split isn’t the same it does seem as if more people dislike him. Maybe it is the personality of the people who get accused or the fact that people may not like the personality of the victims. No one really liked Robin Givens or Evelyn Lozado so this is probably why Mike Tyson and Chad Johnson seem to be well-liked. Then again I can’t front, they do seem like pretty decent people.

Doesn’t it feel somewhat hypocritical?

Speaking of picking and choosing why can’t we forgive some of our friends and family who do similar things. Why can’t you hold down that guy that you were talking to like Keyshia did Gucci Mane.

Wait, I know the answer to this one, money. We are such prostitutes. Women and men lol. We will justify and put up with almost anything if the price is right.

The fact that there are men and women out there using this marriage as an example of “holding someone down” pisses me off. Then again this shouldn’t shock me, some of you also love that movie “Love & Basketball” too. I get it, we all, well some of us want that fairytale, we want love and marriage but damn, do you have to go through all of that to get it? I am not even going to speak about that woman and her kid situation because I don’t know the full story. This whole being “loyal” or “holding someone down” or “helping someone grow” is bull. I get being there for someone but not at the risk of losing or hurting yourself. Like you mean to tell me that I have to be mentally and emotionally abused by someone in order to gain their love? Damn. I mean look at this post?

2137247494101846645-account_id=4 (1)

Neither love nor money is worth dealing with all of that. Then again maybe love is just a form of abuse? Hell if I know. Maybe this is why my ass stays single. Maybe I need to embrace my inner Keyshia lol.

Even with all of that being said, I pray that this couple has nothing but continued blessings. I know it may seem like I was bashing them but I don’t know, it just frustrates me that so many people believe this is the route you need to go in order to have someone and be happy.

Sorry I got sidetracked lol. So yeah, about this forgiveness thing, why be so picky with who you give it to? Not saying you have to continue dealing with people but let that other stuff go. Forgive them for yourself if nothing else. As a matter of fact, let me practice what I preach. I forgive all of you who posted this wedding and called it relationship goals.

I question your logic but I forgive you.

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