Everything ain’t for everybody

Everything ain’t for everybody. I heard these words quite often from my father in regards to damn near, well in regards to anything that I wanted to do growing up that he deemed I couldn’t do.

As I heard the details of the Harvey Weinstein scandal I thought to myself damn, this is new? It seems as if we, well I have heard “casting couch ” stories forever. I saw this same scenario in a porn not too long ago. Hell, when my job has sexual harassment training and scenarios situations similar to that come up. We have read or heard stories and rumors of child actors, women and even men having to do things “to get put on”. You also hear claims of pedophilia from several former child actors. Hell, I have friends who were male and wanted to make it modeling and had to make a decision to compromise themselves sexually. To the best of my knowledge, they didn’t compromise themselves and that’s why they aren’t modeling… or maybe it’s because they are ugly and not as “sexy” as they thought they were lol.

Seriously though, why even take this avenue if this is the risk? I understand that maybe your kid has a dream or you have a dream to be an actor or actress but at what cost? Now, this isn’t to say that this always happens, in fact, I imagine that there are quite a few people who didn’t have to compromise themselves in order to make it in the entertainment industry. My question is for those of you who have gone through with this and were not physically forced or maybe persuaded to “play ball” by your advisors, friends and sometimes family why?

If you go into something like the entertainment industry, knowing the risk and you have the option to either participate or not and you participate does that still make you a victim?

Some people say that it makes you a prostitute if you have sex in exchange for these roles or positions that lead to money and it makes you a pimp and negligent parent if you allow this to happen to your kids.

I suppose it does. I imagine it is the equivalent of going to a club that is known for people getting shot every night and actually getting shot. Then again this may be a bad analogy because it’s not as if the gunman stops and asks you before you come into that club “you sure that you want to come in here if so I’m going to have to shoot you”. They just shot and if you are in the way you get hit.

I know it may come off as I am blaming victims and absolving these predators from blame but I’m not. I am just curious as to what makes people go through with it. I suppose the hunger or the fact that you want to make it so badly motivates some people. Possibly the fact that someone may have hit rock bottom and this was their last shot. Hell, maybe they were lead to believe that this was the only way. so they feel as if they have no choice.

It’s so sad and unfortunate that people had to endure this physical, mental and emotional abuse. I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

I wonder at what point did people say, you know what? This isn’t the career choice for me or I need to find a different route that may be more difficult. I ask this because at some point this is the conversation that has to be had correct? I get it. This is the land of opportunity and the entertainment industry can be fun and lucrative with many benefits and hell it isn’t illegal. So technically there is nothing wrong with going that route but just because it’s legal it doesn’t mean you’re obligated to do it. Nowhere does it say “I have to be in this industry”.

Damn shame that some people can’t follow their dreams because of these predators who manipulate and take advantage of others instead of actually helping them.

Personally my morals, no I won’t say morals because it makes it sound like what you are doing is wrong. I will just say that the risk isn’t worth the reward. Maybe this is why I’m not wealthy, I give up too easily or haven’t taken the appropriate risks but I’m sorry. In regards to the entertainment industry, I have to go back to those words my father used to always tell me “Everything ain’t for everybody”.

To those of you taking the risk I commend you and wish you success and I hope that you don’t come across the predators and have to decide if you will compromise yourself. However, if you do I hope that you are able to live with whatever decision you make. Hell, I hope they at least give you an option. Wait, is that a good thing to say?

In the meantime, I hope that more people will come out and expose these immoral people for who they truly are. Maybe, just maybe, this will change things.

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