This is an interesting phenomenon. #CashAppFriday, apparently people post their square cash information on social media and ask people to donate money to them.

So basically this is the online equivalent of what I see people doing on street corners, outside of the metro and outside of some businesses… begging for money. Except these people have to actually look you in the eye and ask you for the money.

You know, at least when people ask in person I get a story about needing food or someone being down on their luck. With this #CashAppFriday thing, people just post and ask you to donate money because, well they ask you to donate because… I don’t know. That is a very good question.

Why do people ask for the money? Is it because they are down on their luck as well? Is it because they can? Is it because they think people are gullible and just like them that much they will send them money? Is it because everyone else is doing it, it’s fun and no harm in asking? What is the reason?

What is even more puzzling is the fact that some people will actually send money, just because. Hell, if I am going to give a woman I follow on social media money, it won’t be for nothing. At the very least she better have a private Snapchat showing titties or better yet, give me a sob story about her not being able to pay her electric bill for her kids or something lol. I am just saying, there are levels to this simpin and lame stuff. I suppose, if we are being honest it’s all the same but at least I could justify it better. Sell me a dream at least, sheesh. I’m not just going to give it to be giving or because I am “nice”, nah.

With all of this being said I must say kudos to any of you who actually get money sent to them. I do know a few women who have told me that guys actually send them money, just because. While I do believe in not taking advantage of people there is nothing illegal about what you are doing. In fact, I hope you have sons who grow up to be this way.

I kid, I kid. Let me find out my son is sending a random person money on the internet just because, we are going to have major problems. Lol, and to the guys who are sending women money you remind me of one of my favorite sayings, “favors are game for guys who have none”. As for me, I’ll pass on this #CashAppFriday thing, I’ll just keep giving to the people I see outside of the metro and 7-11 instead. They are probably lying too but I don’t think I will feel as manipulated afterward.

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