You can’t spell homecoming without hoeing – Confucius. Lol, no he didn’t really say that ish but if he were alive? Who knows.

Ahh yes, it’s that time of the year. Homecoming, more specifically HBCU homecoming. A time where some people return to the university that they attended to fellowship party and have fun. Oh yeah, and possibly to watch the football game lol. Sooo let’s make a list. I’m going to base this list off of people who currently aren’t students.

1. Non-alumni. These people are usually the most excited about homecoming and can tell you about every single party. Despite never going to the school or maybe never graduating from the school.

2. The stuck-up alumni. They are always complaining about non-students going to their homecoming. “Don’t come to our homecoming if you didn’t want to go to our school. Lol, the dreaded HBCU versus PWI debate. Who cares? Besides the majority of all institutions and universities were started by white people anyway. Hell, the majority of HBCU’s were funded and started by and/or named after white Republicans. Just Google John D. Rockefeller. Better yet, take a look at the people that these universities were named after. See below: Spellman, Morehouse, Howard, Fisk, and Clark University.

Do better lol, it is not that serious.

3. The look at me now alumni. Maybe they weren’t as popular in college. However, now they may look better or may have a successful career and they want to come back and rub it in a little and show off.

4. The damn what happened to you alumni. Maybe they were popular in college. A cheerleader or maybe a guy in the frat. Now 60 lbs or a receding hairline later or maybe their career didn’t quite pan out like everyone expected.

5. The I always had a crush on you alumni. He or she may not have been as popular or maybe they were too shy to speak but now they have the confidence to shoot their shot.

6. The I want to relive my glory days alumni. For some college was the highlight of their lives. Why not try to relive those days for a weekend?

7. The networking alumni. Maybe they own their own business or they need a job. Whatever the reason they are always asking what you are doing now and trying to connect. My kind of people, hustle lol.

I planned on adding number 8, have sex but I suppose that can be classified under having fun lol. Besides, isn’t that the main reason people go to homecoming? Lol. Speaking of having sex. I would be a little nervous if my significant other went to homecoming. After hearing all the stories from my friends/associates who were either married and messed with someone or my single friends who messed with married women or women in relationships.

So yeah, that’s homecoming in a nutshell and I’m ok with it. No one really cares why you go, well they shouldn’t. As hard working adults there is nothing wrong with getting away and enjoying yourself for a few days. Hopefully, everyone has a fun and safe time this year… even the cheaters I guess lol.

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