NBA, foot fetishes, & ass licking, oh my.

I’m all for insider information and learning a little bit about the athlete’s personal lives but this is too much. In the past week, I learned that Steph Curry has a foot fetish and that Dwyane Wade likes his butt licked per his wife.

Welcome to 2017 Lol.

When hearing this information I was curious as to why these men’s wives would share this information with the world. To embarrass their husbands? Let other women know what their husbands are into? Maybe to show us how normal they are? Lol, that’s all I got.

Let’s take a look at that last question. You know them telling us what they or their significant other is into is kind of similar to what a lot of us do. So my apologies for acting so shocked at this information. Think about it, we all tend to overshare. How many times have you logged into social media and saw a man or woman post about what they want sexually, what they can do sexually and sometimes what they do to their significant others or what they would do if they had one. Maybe I’m just the unlucky one here but I see it daily. So my apologies to Ayesha and Gabrielle. Let the world know what your husband likes in your bedroom, it’s your God-given right and apparently your duty? Keep eating that butt and doing whatever it is you do with your feet to your husbands because you guys all seem to be happy.

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