The Russell Wilson revolution

Fellas, ever been called corny or lame? Considered nerdy and not cool enough with the ladies? Maybe didn’t have the “edge” or “excitement that some women crave? Maybe women said you were too short?

Well, this is your lucky day. Guys like you are currently in high demand and I blame three people. Ciara, Russell Wilson, and Future.

Not blame because this is a good thing for guys who traditionally may not “get chose”.

Some of you may ask, how does this correlate? Simple, let me give you a quick story. Girl dates questionable men or “bad boys”, get’s engaged to one, has a kid with him, he cheats and she leaves him. In swoops the guy who is not her normal “type”. He is considered a cornball or lame in some circles but that is ok because he seems like a nice, good guy. He accepts the woman who has baggage, not only does he accept her baggage but he accepts her child as his own and he does all of this while abstaining from sex. After a year or so he proposes to marries and has a kid with this woman and they live happily ever after… thus far.

Lol, this lowkey sounded like the plot to a Tyler Perry movie but I digress.

I’m not here to comment on how Future feels, what Russ deserves or what Ciara deserves, instead I want to let these “Russell Wilson types” know, it is your time to flourish.

I logged onto Twitter today and I saw so many women saying they want this type of guy.


Hmm, should we make this a thing or phrase? Seriously, maybe we should call certain people the “Russell Wilson type”. What attributes or character traits will he have? I already mentioned the lame and corny aspect. He also has to be a good guy, nice, religious, maybe from the suburbs, not afraid to profess his love and affection to the world for his significant other (I know y’all seen that man’s IG post’s). He also doesn’t have to be 6 feet tall or have a beard, isn’t dating just to date and doesn’t care about your past.

I wanted to throw in he has to be rich but I imagine that Ciara would only talk to athletes and entertainers because that is the circle she is in and there is nothing wrong with that.

So there you go fellas, it’s time for you guy’s to shoot your shot. Apparently, you Russell Wilson types are in high demand. Women have spoken and the popular or “bad boy type” or “Future type” seem to no longer be the wave. At least according to social media.

Now, who said that nice guys finish last?

Sooo stop being afraid and go make it happen. I wish all of you the same success as Russell and Ciara.

Oh yeah and ladies, I guess this means that you have to give that “corny” guy a chance, you never know what could happen.

Good luck to you all, I’m rooting for you.


6 Replies to “The Russell Wilson revolution”

  1. I just straight up quit dating after my last ex. Being the Russell Wilson type don’t work when you that creepy looking ugly


      1. Like, bruh, the only women who says I’m attractive consistently is my ex who’s 6 years younger than me and one of my close friends who 4 years older than me who used to sleep with me. I’m on my way right now to go try and get my old GF back now


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