Issa Job

“That job was here before you, and that job will be here after you” – some old black lady I worked with.

“A job ain’t nothing but work” – Mo Money.

“You know what they call a black person with a job… a nigger” – My grandfather

I have had multiple jobs over my life and I probably got fired from half of them lol. Some for valid reasons like using the company vehicle off the clock and sometimes for not so valid reasons for leaving my post and going to the bathroom because I almost peed on myself.

Over the years my view of jobs or employment has changed. From my youthful exuberance, joy, and gratitude of getting my first summer job at the post office to becoming the normal disgruntled guy who just works his 9 to 5 and doesn’t take the job home to where I’m at now which is actually in a very good space.

So the purpose of this post? Well, I read the words of Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

Ok. I’m not sure why people are so upset. This is just another example of selective outrage that I have seen from the majority of players in the NFL, hell, a lot of us are guilty of this on some level as well. People only getting upset when something applies to or impacts them directly. There are a few players who outwardly care about equality, social injustice and hell, even the Colin Kaepernick situation. I am not speaking about them, instead, I’m speaking of the majority… well at least what I perceive to be the majority (I could be wrong). Most of these players didn’t become “outraged” until the President called them SOB’s, or when Jerry Jones publicly threatened to cut players who protested during the anthem (let’s not forget that other teams made similar statements but they did it in private or worded it better) and now are outraged by this statement from Bob McNair. Now all of a sudden I see outrage and threats to potentially boycott. These dudes wouldn’t even take a stand for Colin Kaepernick and he is a former coworker but I digress.

Let me rewind back to the quotes that I mentioned earlier. If I were speaking to any player in the NFL this is what I would tell them all three should be applied as far as their view as a player in the NFL.

Seriously. You should be aware that this is a business, nothing more nothing less. The majority of owners and management only care about you as long as you can perform well and not impact their bottom line. Don’t fall for words such as loyalty because well these teams aren’t loyal to you. Your contracts aren’t even guaranteed. Wake up. This even applies to the fans. When you mess up or maybe switch teams these same fans will badmouth you, call you names and disrespect you so you really don’t even owe anything to them in my opinion.  As far as my quote that included the dreaded “n” word. I am certain that all owners do not feel this way but let’s be real with each other, some do view you as well a nigger or as a thing, something like livestock or something that is less than human. I mean the poking and prodding that is done before the NFL draft while players walk around in their underwear does look eerily similar to what was done in slavery. Lol, don’t worry I’m not going to go all Hotep on you but at some point, you have to at least be a little more self-aware and understand how others may view you.

I think back on all of my jobs. From the post office to working security, to selling cars, to call centers, to joining the military to working in IT. The story never changed. As an employee, you have a certain role and you will be viewed a certain way. Not even necessarily with the racist undertones. It’s just the fact that you work for someone who is in the business of making money. These people aren’t just starting these businesses and hiring you because they like you. I mean it may help get you hired but at the end of the day it’s about your performance and making money which is ok. So while giving 100% at your place of employment you should still be aware that at any moment you could be fired and that the company will run whether you are there or not.

Now back to the racist undertones for a second. You know I have to throw a Malcolm X quote in here. I just have to.

“This modern house Negro loves his master. He wants to live near him. He’ll pay three times as much as the house is worth just to live near his master, and then brag about “I’m the only Negro out here.” “I’m the only one on my job.” “I’m the only one in this school.” You’re nothing but a house Negro. And if someone comes to you right now and says, “Let’s separate,” you say the same thing that the house Negro said on the plantation. “What you mean, separate? From America? This good white man? Where you going to get a better job than you get here?” Just as the slavemaster of that day used Tom, the house Negro, to keep the field Negroes in check, the same old slavemaster today has Negroes who are nothing but modern Uncle Toms, 20th century Uncle Toms, to keep you and me in check, keep us under control, keep us passive and peaceful and nonviolent. That’s Tom making you nonviolent. It’s like when you go to the dentist, and the man’s going to take your tooth. You’re going to fight him when he starts pulling. So he squirts some stuff in your jaw called novocaine, to make you think they’re not doing anything to you. So you sit there and ’cause you’ve got all of that novocaine in your jaw, you suffer peacefully. Blood running all down your jaw, and you don’t know what’s happening. ’Cause someone has taught you to suffer —— peacefully.”

Some of these players really love from and felt equal to the owners.They also love their current status. This may be why a lot of players are afraid to boycott or protest. These people are paying them handsomely and overall life is good for them, so why risk losing that? So then you have these same black men telling other blacks that things aren’t that bad or asking, why do you want to mess things up for us?  I love the novocaine reference and the part about suffering peacefully. I think for some of these athletes the money and fame is their novocaine. They are comfortable and despite what is going on in the country they do not want to rock the boat and risk losing their comfort. The only time the novocaine somewhat wore off was when President Trump and Bob McNair made their statements but don’t worry, I am certain that the novocaine will be in full effect after Sunday.

Even with me saying all of this I still have no serious beef with the players because they are just like us. I always argued that the novocaine for black Americans was a black President and a decent job. They gave most of us that and we shut the hell up. Police brutality, discrimination, hell even the Flint water crisis was happening before the new President stepped into office. However, now that we have President Trump in office on some occasions the novocaine wears off. Because he doesn’t sugarcoat and makes people uncomfortable which is a good thing. Maybe this will open eyes and force people to unify and make changes. Who am I kidding, the anger doesn’t last that long and we are usually back to normal the next day. Sorry for finding humor in this but people really think that things are just now getting bad and it is hilarious.  I guess the racism has to be a little more overt for some of you. Better late than never I guess.

Question, if our employers told us that we couldn’t do certain things such as kneeling during the anthem and that if we did we could risk losing our job I am sure that some of us would fall in line and not do it. I get it, we have responsibilities and kids to feed. This is why I refuse to get on my high horse and condemn these athletes. What I will say however is to wake up. If you want to make changes come up with a plan and do that. If not, at least take these people’s money and put it to good use. Help out your communities and people out at the very least, sheesh.

Oh yeah and remember, this is just a job, no more, no less. Stop falling for the solidarity, team and unity speeches they are giving you. They only care about the money, as should you. It would be dope if you boycotted though lol, ok, ok wishful thinking.


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