Change your preference?

Hey there my fellow single men and women. How are things going? Still sticking to those preferences or are we being more flexible and open-minded?


I wanted to describe a few people, men, and women who are currently in relationships. All of the people I describe below are employed and financially stable.

He used to be addicted to drugs and sold them as well. He was arrested several times and recently got out of jail. He has been accused of assaulting a woman physically before and hasn’t always been respectful of women. He seems to have changed, cleaned himself up and is in a very good space.

An older man, not much of a looker but a cool guy. Shot his brother before (he didn’t die). He cheated on his wife but swears he is a changed man.

He seems to be a nice guy. Under 6 feet tall, no beard. Women call him corny, not much of a dresser. Recently divorced.

A former stripper who did what she felt she needed to do to make a living. There are naked videos of her online as well. Has had some plastic surgery done, can be a little loud, not that articulate but a very positive woman with a great spirit and personality.

She used to strip also, one kid and divorced. Has been known to date several men who know each other and is ok with calling herself a slut in public and is always half naked on social media.

She is divorced and will tell all of your business… even the fact that you like your booty ate.

So are these people dateable in your opinion?

Would they be dateable if added that they were rich and famous? I attempted to describe Gucci Mane, Jay-Z, Russell Wilson, Cardi B, Amber Rose and Gabrielle Union without the money or the fame. I picked them because they seem to always end up being a topic on social media or end up as “relationship goals” lol.

What I find amusing is that I see similar flaws in all of us. Maybe not on the same level but we all have our own issues.

So would you date someone like them or is this just an example of I’m happy for them but I wouldn’t do it? Almost like me and vegans. While I’m happy that they are healthy and live that lifestyle I’ll never do it.

Lol or maybe this is a situation where you only like them or see them in a positive light is because they are rich, famous, you find them attractive or you’re just a huge fan?

Just curious is all. Maybe we need to change our preferences as well or be as flexible as these stars some of us look up to? I mean in most instances both parties had money so it’s even right. I.E. Jay and Beyonce, D Wade and Gabby, Russ and Ciara, etc.

The cynic in me says it’s probably about the money more than anything and these types of relationships probably wouldn’t be a good idea for most of us but I am going to go against my gut instinct for a change. Besides, it’s not as if I am in any position to judge or tell someone how to do something that I haven’t. In fact, when doing some self-evaluation I look just as bad as the people I described earlier… but let me get rich, game changer lol.

Ok, I’m done asking questions, just thinking out loud. Let me go back to my comfort zone and preferences which will undoubtedly continue keeping me single lol.

Oh yeah and for the record I hope that these couples make it.

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