Talk to me…

As I notice the daily arguments about masculinity and feminism, preferences and what men and women do to each other. Lol and now the whole Russell Wilson/Ciara/Cardi B/Offset thing and I found myself wondering do Y’all argue this much offline. Even posted it. Then my big headed sister responded.

So is this the issue? Y’all lonely and don’t have anyone to talk to? I get it, I’m not always introverted and have my moments where I’m like damn “if only I didn’t alienate everyone or wasn’t so stubborn or had better people skills I would have someone to talk to” but sheesh. Y’all do this every day. Sometimes I look at the back and forth to myself why don’t they just DM each other and link up lol. All the negative comments from men about women and vice versa just scream “I’m bored, lonely and unhappy”.

Seriously. This is why I get so happy when I see that some of you found someone. It’s like “yes, they are happy and won’t be on their usual BS. Even if the newfound happiness means that the person will overload my timeline with relationship quotes or pictures or comments about “bae” I would still happily take that over the usual negative back and forth.

So yeah, I suggest Y’all get to mingling or something lol. Oh yeah, and stop letting the opinions of strangers rile you up or matter to you so much. Also, thank you for having these discussions online daily because if not I wouldn’t have anything to write about probably lol.

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